Car Boot Finds Pt 12

As it was my last Sunday living in Southampton, it was only right that we visited my favourite Car Boot Sale for our Sunday morning trawling routine. It was a groggy day but the rain held off, so we wrapped up warm in lots of layers and wandered around the field looking for interesting stuff.
See anything you like? I will put most of this in my new shop (yes, I know, it is a long time coming – we are getting there!) except for the measuring jug because I really need that myself. Personally I am enjoying the vintage cameras: it is going to be hard to let those go.


  1. WOW! I must attend more car-boot sales! I lurk around charity shops often, but your haul is great! I love that red tea-pot, the tights are very cool too!xxxxxx

  2. Oh my goodness it feels like you have been rummaging at my mum and dads house!! Made me smile – we still have the SAME jug, the polaroid camera is in a box, and i had the kodak pocket. brilliant. love your blog.


  3. Lisa-Marie, I thought you might like that 😉

    PaperHeartGirl – totally, there is so much treasure to find if you keep your eye out for it.

    Erratic Mummy – you are so lucky to have things already, they are truly fab!.

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

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