Car Boot Finds Pt 25

Last weekend the boyf and I rolled out of bed early and left our lie-in behind as we drove across my lovely county of Worcestershire to the Malvern Flea Market. It was our first time visiting this monthly event and we were blessed with a bright sunny, albeit chilly, day. So with my Granny trolley in tow we set about perusing the millions hundreds of stalls in search of items that make us smile.

In all fairness, quite a few of the stalls were a little pricey for a flea market and so I left many a coveted item behind. But I did not leave empty handed, just lighter than my average Car Boot Sale jaunt. Oh well, it was an interesting trip and the Malverns are a beautiful sight/site.

antique glass bottles

retro mug rack

vintage scarfvintage tin

I picked up a retro mug holder, a collection of antique/vintage glass bottles and a vintage scarf. The boyf found some cocktail bar related items, including (not pictured here) one of those 70’s globe bars which I am unsure of. He assures me it will look rad once it is fixed up and full of spirits.

In other news, I have been pottering away with my vintage shop. I have changed platforms for the billionth time and I think I may have found something I am happy with. In fact, if all goes to plan with product photography this weekend I could be launching the shop in the next week or so. Hoorah!

It was actually advice from the founder, Richard Moross, that spurred me on. He said one of the biggest mistakes a business owner can do is sit on their idea, or spend months and years trying to perfect it. In fact, the best way to grow and develop an idea is to get it out there. Only then can you refine and define your business.

I like that.

So, after a year of planning and thinking and tinkering and collecting and stressing…etc…I am just going to launch Three Jelly Moulds and a Wardrobe and work hard to make it the best I can. Even if it’s not perfect straightaway.

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