Car Boot Finds Pt 29

It has been a bit of a dry year for me in terms of Car Boot Sales. For one reason or another I haven’t attended as many as I’d like. And I have found that the local Car Boot Sales in and around Northampton are lacking in both scale and quality. So when we popped back to my Mum’s briefly last weekend we took the opportunity to visit one of my favourite Car Boot Sales in Studley. Sadly though, it was not on. Grr…what’s a bit of frost between friends? The one in Bursledon down south was on all winter. Outside. We had to wear 5 layers of clothing to wander around it, but it was still amazing. Anyways, luckily I had one of my little sisters with me and she reminded me of another Car Boot Sale in Redditch so we headed over there.

It was generally slim pickings but I’m rather pleased with these little finds. I just wish I had bought more vintage dresses from this stall. This red and white polka dot dress was only£3 and there were loads more there on the rail. But I was having one of my ‘oh-my-god-I’m-too-broke-eek’ moments and failed to snap up the vintage potential. I also missed out on a super cute Hawaiian Alarm Clock because I couldn’t be bothered to haggle. (Note to self: get the bacon bap in ya sooner!). Do you ever have days when you just don’t have the energy to really argue? That was me. I’ve actually been a bit poorly for the last few days, so I’m going to blame that.

grays anatomyvintage 70s operation game

So we picked up a vintage dress for £3. It’s 100% polyester and my hair is red (clash-alert!). So I’m thinking about layering it up this season.

Then we found a rather well-kept edition of Gray’s Anatomy. It’s the 1978 edition.

And finally we found this vintage edition of Operation, one of my childhood favourite games. My little sister was so excited by this purchase and then when we got home realised that it took some old school battery type. So now we need to work out an adapter or something. Oh well, not bad for £1.

  1. You must be from around my way!! I love Studley car boot. I’ve not been much this year what with all the rain and a new born. My Dad goes most Sundays and i’m amazed at what he finds. Last week he said sellers were giving away stuff because the weather was so bad and wanted to go home. He came home with a bag full of baby Next clothes for 50p!

  2. Yes! I am sometimes very anti haggle. I would rather just walk away. I once missed out on an AMAZING wicker old-lady-shopping-trolley thing for £5. They retail at way over 50. I still think about it now *weeps*

    Love that dress 😀

    1. I have a little list of ‘ones that got away’ including a stunning old telephone that was £12 and they wouldn’t haggle so I left it. They normally cost £60 in antique and vintage shops. Darn it.

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