Car Boot Finds Pt. 34

Ohmygawd I cannot believe how freaking long it has been since I last did a Car Boot Finds post. ARGH! I’ve missed it so darn much it’s unreal.

But instead of whinging about my lack of thrifting over the past six months, let’s celebrate that I am back in the game.

Oh yeah. Give me some vintage goodness.


Sooooo…. last weekend I was up in Lincolnshire for a family kiddies birthday party and we made the most of our weekend there by popping down to local car boot sale for a very chilly but bracing walk around both the little field and the (thank god) indoor area.

I don’t seem to have lost my thrifting touch either. I picked up a few goodies for the total princely sum of £5.


1970s Vintage First Aid KitInside 70s Vintage First Aid Kit

First of all, I found this awesome first aid kit. It’s a black metal rectangular tin with a metal slide clasp. On the lid it simply states, First Aid Kit. And inside there are all the original products from the 1970s. There are original Johnson & Johnson bandages, a box of Elastoplasts, Boots bandages, a Band Aid, some glass eye wash baths and there’s even a 1970s health and safety handbook inside. It’s an utterly fascinating piece of medical social history right there in a tin.

Vintage Floral Glasses

Next up I found this collection of vintage floral glasses. I couldn’t resist that deep red colour. There are a range of sizes in this collection and the pattern is kind of dorky, but I like it. The boyf is not so keen. But I think they might be on the right side of kitsch. Who knows?! I like them.

Vintage Bottles

And finally, I stumbled across a couple of old vintage glass bottles languishing at the bottom of a box of junk at one table. They will go nicely with the rest of my collection (seen here and here) which I love to use a vases for my flowers.

And there we have it. I am back in the thrifting game!

Check out my past Car Boot Finds here. 

Are you a fan of car boot sales?

What are your favourite places to go hunting for vintage?


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  1. I LOVE car boot sales. I spent pretty much every Sunday as a child at car boots. It was our family day out haha. Recently, however, I have had to reduce the visits due to being on a strict budget so only buying essentials. You may like the butterflies I found recently- see this
    post on The Thrifty Magpies Nest for pics.
    That first aid kit is so cool! Have you done any research to see if it is worth something?
    Jenni x

  2. Love a good car boot! My parents are antique dealers so I spent many a childhood weekend being taken to various places in the hunt for things to buy and sell, I think it’s in my blood now… I love your first aid tin, social history and ephemera is my favourite thing, and those bottles are a glorious colour.

  3. I love this post Elizabeth!
    I used to go every Sunday to my local carboot- it was always huge with great finds.
    That First Aid Box is amazing! I love finding things with a little history to them.
    I may have to agree with your boyfriend about the small glasses though- they’re not for me… what will you use them for?
    If you’re ever in Farnham, Surrey, check out the Country Market carboot 🙂

  4. I absolutely love the glass bottles. I have a little collection too that I keep in an old milk bottle holder in my kitchen.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  5. Oh I haven’t been thrifting in so long! (Much smaller space means we can hardly deal with the stuff we already have unfortunately.) Love the medical box so much – and that it has the original plasters etc with it x

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