Car Boot Finds Pt. 38

Meaking Coffee Pot

Nothing beats a good rummage through a car boot sale. 

We nearly didn’t make it this morning. As I’ve mentioned recently, I am suffering with quite a bad back at the moment and struggle to walk for long. But the doctors have told me I must keep moving as much as I can stand it to help heal it.

Anyhow, walking around a car boot sale is one of our favourite things to do as a couple. We love rolling out of bed on a Sunday morning, throwing on whatever clothes have to hand, lolloping along to the car boot, meandering through the aisles of junk, often splashing out on a cup of tea in a styrofoam cup. It’s often a rather brisk affair, what with the British weather often been on the lower side of the 20C mark. But we don’t mind it too much. That’s what layers are for, right?

The minute we turned up the boyf turned to me and said: “no more buying vintage china, you’ve already got loads of boxes of it.”.

So what happened next?

Of course, I spotted that delightful Meakin blue and white coffee pot pictured above. I just HAD to have it. And for a bargain £2 (the most expensive thing I bought today) it was well worth it.

Vintage Cadburys Tin

Not long after scooping up my first buy in the first two minutes of being at the car boot sale I stumbled across this vintage Cadbury chocolate fingers tin. It cost me the grand sum of 20p.

I think I might use it as a pencil case.

Queen Elizabeth Coronation Cup

Next in my car boot finds is this cute Queen Elizabeth 2nd coronation cup. Long time readers might remember that I do collect Royal mugs (see posts here and here) as well lots of vintage china. I don’t know why but I do love the Queen, I think she’s rad.

Charles and Diana Wedding Plant Pot

Not long after I spotted this plant pot featuring Prince Charles first marriage to Lady Diana. It’s a little bit cheesy, and possibly controversial, but how lovely do they look? Although, maybe having a royal couple on a plant pot is a bit weird … I just couldn’t resist it for 25p.

Vintage brown luggage bags

Now this set of brown/tan leather bags was actually from a car boot sale visit a few weeks ago. I just totally forgot to blog about it. The boyf has commandeered them, but they are rather masculine I guess. They are mint condition bags, one is a washbag, the other a shoulder bag. We’re using both for toiletries at the moment.

Retro glasses

I found some more colourful retro glasses to add to my collection. Of course, my collection is currently wrapped up in boxes in storage. But at some point we’ll find a house to settle in and I’ll have the prettiest collection of glasses. Yep.

retro metal tray

And finally, possibly my favourite find, is this vintage metal tray. It’s a gorgeous dark green with a orange and yellow floral folk design. It needs a bit of a clean and they are a few scratches, but I think this will make a great tray for my morning cuppa. Or perhaps I’ll use it as a desk tidy for all my pots of pens.

All in all, a most satisfying car boot haul. And I’m happy to say the back only hurt for a few hours after.

Side note: I did do a mini video of these car boot sale finds on the new social networking app, Periscope.

Have you heard of it or tried it out yet?

It’s a live streaming service and you get to watch nice, informal videos live. I’m really enjoying it at the moment and will be trying to do at least one video each day, so do look me up – rosalilium – as always.