Car Boot Finds Pt 8

This weekend I went to visit the old dear and took a family trip to Hatton Country Park to see Father Christmas, more on that in a later post. More importantly I dragged the whole family to a local Car Boot Sale for more bargain hunting. My 6-year-old sister dutifully held my hand as I rummaged through the stalls, patient with the promise of hot dog at the end.
And a great rummage was had indeed, within 30 seconds of arriving I found a 1960’s Tan Leather Jewellery Box and went on to find lots of loveliness. I think my favourite is the Victorian Egg Timer Set, it is truly fascinating.
60s Jewellery Box (1)
 1960’s Tan Leather Vanity Box
Victorian Egg Timer Set
 Victorian Egg Timer Set
AA membership case
 1960’s AA Membership Case
AA Membership certificates
Inside AA Membership Case – 2 AA Membership Certificates
Ivy Teacup and Saucer
 Ivy Bone China Tea Set – 6 Pieces
King Edward Coronation Mug
 King Edward Coronation Mug
Silver Jubilee Mug
Queen Elizabeth 2nd Silver Jubilee Mug 
Shot Glass with handle
Shot Glass with handle

And this is only half the stash, my camera died before I finished taking pictures. So you’ll have to wait for the next part to see further rummage finds that include a Victorian Thermometer and a vintage camera.


  1. Wow! Love it! You've managed to find some real treats here, I've not been to a car boot sale in sooo long… I think it's about time I went along to one, to see what little treasures I can find!

  2. Yes, it was the one in Warkwickshire. I went to the Arrow Car Boot Sale in Redditch. It wasn't the best but I did snag some great finds.

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