How I Learned To Like Coffee

Coffee. The humble little bean that when roasted and mixed with hot water becomes a social ritual all over the world. It has taken me over 3 decades to learn to like the brown stuff. But I am finally there. I have made it. I can now join the cool gang. I can now invite someone out for coffee and actually drink coffee. I can  now explore the wondrous world of lattes, flat whites and macchiatos. Well, almost… I’m only on my 7th full cup of coffee. But still… wondrous world of coffee, yes?

It wasn’t like this before. No. Before I felt like an outcast, doomed to an existence of lonely insipid tea in a world of trendy coffee shops.

So how did I learn to like coffee?

Carte Noire Espresso Coffee Collection

Well … so glad you asked.

The opportunity to test drive these new coffee capsules presented itself on twitter, and I dutifully put my hand up.

My Daddio has an Nespresso machine already and this house uses it at least three times a day. It’s quite the workhorse that machine*. From what I understand home coffee making machines are rather popular these days amongst coffee-lovers I guess that makes sense considering a trendy coffee could cost you around a fiver a pop down your local coffee shop (I imagine the more enthusiastic coffee drinkers out there might have quite an expensive habit). Whereas these capsule machines make a decent cup of the black stuff for less than a quid.

Last week a large box of Carte Noire Collection Espresso coffee capsules arrived in the post. (Who doesn’t love pressies in the post, eh?). And immediately the boyf and Daddio were rummaging through to decide which flavour/strength would be theirs.

We received for flavour strengths each tasting quite unique, which suits this household as we have quite different tastes. The Daddio likes No.9 which is a very deep, strong coffee perfect for his morning cappuccino. The boyf liked the No.7 which slightly smoother and with hints of cocoa apparently. And I picked No.3 which is mild coffee enhanced with cereal notes (and it turns out I really enjoy those cereal notes).

Carte Noire Coffee for Nespresso Machines

At first, I tried the coffee as an espresso. But it was far too bitter for my taste buds. So I added some sugar, which was still not quite smooth enough for me. And so, I added milk. My espresso ceased to be very quickly. This first try I didn’t like very much but I sipped about half before giving up.

The next day I tried again, but this time making a latte with the capsule (sticking with the mild No.3). I added 1-2 tsp of sugar and plenty of hot steamed/frothy milk. I wasn’t taken immediately with the taste, but I kept sipping it as I worked.

The following few days thereafter I drank a cup. And each time I just persevered through the taste.

And now?

I am actually choosing to make a cup of coffee and enjoy it. It appears that sticking with it and adding plenty of sweetness to the coffee helped me acquire a taste for it. Hoorah!

As for the coffee, I think it’s a really great deal, I’m enjoying my No.3 so I’ll totally go with that again. But it might take me a bit more time to work up to the other strengths. Yey for cereal notes!

I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to give coffee a real go and I’m looking forward to furthering my adventures in the world of coffee!


*if you’re wondering, we use this Magimix machine. It’s been going a few years and made a fair few hundred cups of coffee.

The Carte Noire espresso capsules come in boxes of 10 servings and are RRP of £2.79. 

The Carte Noire Espresso Capsules are compatible with most machines but do check their website to check if yours will work.


  1. Sounds like you’re definitely ready to venture into the world of coffee more. Maybe try a syrup in your latte, if you’re out for a coffee? Something mild like vanilla.

    Sorry for rambling – I’m a barista lol

    Glad to see there’s a new coffee convert 🙂

  2. I might have to give this a go! I have tried on and off over the years to like coffee but to no avail, I just cant stomach it but maybe a good coffee and perserveance is the key!

  3. I think quality coffee is the way forward. I had to have coffee in Croatia last year as they didn’t have tea (yikes!) and I eventually tried a decaf coffee* (coffee and diet coke sends me a bit crazy and gives me the shakes but not tea, so odd) with cream that completely changed my outlook on coffee and now I have a frothy decaf cappuccino every so often as a treat and I love it.

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