The Good Life Unravelled Podcast: Ep. 38. Celebrating Over-40s Fashion with Catherine Summers


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In today’s podcast episode I chat with Catherine Summers, an award-winning blogger of over-40s style blog Not Dressed As Lamb.

Not Dressed As Lamb is one of the leading and most established over-40s fashion and style blogs in the UK and around the world. 47 year old Catherine’s key message is to encourage women of all ages to oppose the outdated notion of age-appropriate dressing and to wear whatever they like (she is the founder of the hugely successful Instagram hashtag #iwillwearwhatIlike). An expert at pattern-mixing and bright colours, she describes her style as ‘preppy with an eclectic twist’. Always looking to challenge the norm, she blogs about her personal style and high street picks, as well as ageing issues, health and beauty, and weekly musings about her daily life.

In this interview we chat about why fashion is important to Catherine and how the clothes you wear can make a difference to your overall wellbeing.

Catherine shares what the term age-appropriate means and why she is opposed to it.

Catherine shares lots of advice, wisdom and inspiration in this interview. It was a joy to speak to her.

In fact, we recorded this interview just before lockdown so this chat exists in a place where the world was slightly different.

As we start edging back into a certain sense of normality in our daily lives I thought it was a good time to share Catherine’s inspiring perspectives about how fashion, style, and we dress ourselves can impact our overall wellbeing.


  • Fashion can be a source of creativity and a mood regulator.
  • Better to dress occasion-appropriate rather than age-appropriate.
  • Style tips on how to feel comfortable and try new styles when feeling in a clothes rut.
  • Get out of your own way in life by allowing for things to flow.
  • Choose your own definition of success.
  • Self-acceptance is the key to living a good life.
  • Try a week-long self-care retreat as a way to rest as an alternative to daily self-care.


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