Christmas Wish List: 3

On my Christmas Wish List, following this dress and this book, is this lovely Roses and Bird Lino Print in Pale Blue by Mangle Prints on Folksy. They do original prints using an old 1930’s mangle and the results are fabulous. In fact, I would be over-the-moon with anything from this shop.
Mangle Prints Rose and Bird 2 Mangle Prints Rose and Bird
I have a bit of a current obsession with prints at the moment. Do you have any interesting and fantastic recommendations I can add to my lust-list?


  1. Hi Elizabth, what a lovely suprise to see you featured my print! I thought my on-line shop was tucked away in the dark corridors of the internet, so it so lovely to see people appreciating what i do. Thank you again for featuring my print on your fabulous blog,
    Amanda x

  2. Hello Amanda,

    Thank you for stopping by. I genuinely love that print, and I wish you all the luck with your online store.

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