Cider Cocktail Picnic

Passionfruit Rekorderlig Cocktail

This week my cousin came to stay. She is fresh over from Australia and we have literally talked non-stop. In fact, I feel a bit of a sore throat coming on and I’m pretty sure that’s down to the incessant chatter.

Of course, we’ve had plenty of catching up to do. Plus, we are just of the chatty kind.

Therefore, it was rather handy that Rekorderlig got in touch to tell me all about their new cider cocktails in a can. I was super intrigued and before I knew it a few cans appeared in the post for us to sample.


Rekorderlig Cider Cocktails on Ice

We’ve been trying our best to make the most of every minute of good weather whenever it appears. Despite the temperatures still not quite been as high as we’d like yet it’s comfortable enough for barbecues and picnics. I just donned my favourite sweater when the evening got a bit nippy.

Last week we had one such evening of barbecuing, nibbling, chatting and drinking in the back garden. I whipped out my favourite picnic blanket and my beautiful mason jar glasses. Raj got all manner of treats going on the grill. My cousin got creative with making our picnic area look pretty.

She did a rather good job don’t you think?

Rekorderlig Cider Cocktails

Summer cocktails in a can

The Rekorderlig cider cocktails turned out to be a great success in the end. And totally not what we were expecting.

I’m sometimes a bit dubious about pre-mixed cocktails in cans. I think they can often taste a tad disappointing. But these were all great.

We were sent three different flavours – Strawberry and Lime, Wild Berries, and Passionfruit – building on the well-known flavoured cider options they offer. Funnily enough we all chose a different favourite each.

The Strawberry and Lime was my cousins’ favourite. It is blended with vodka, elderflower and a hint of mint.

Raj’s favourite was the Wild Berries edition. This one is blended with rum and dark berries.

My favourite is the Passionfruit flavour which is blended with gin and a hint of lime. It was fruity but dry and surprising for me as I’m not usually that into gin.

All tasted great served with heaps of ice. Perfect for summer sessions.

I also particularly liked the branding and design of the cans. They are slimline and appear to have a brushed, matte finish making them look rather smart not mention nice and easy for transporting around whilst still enjoying a cheeky cocktail or two.

All round a rather lovely edition to our cider summer picnic and I’d recommend giving them a go if you’re into that kind of thing.


this post is in collaboration with Rekorderlig. as always thoughts, words and opinions are my own. thanks for supporting rosalilium.