5 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energies

This year I have set the intention to transform my home into a space that is calming, nourishing, joyful, and productive. Having lived here for a few years we have a way of using our home, but I must admit that it has started to grate on us lately. Little things are irritating us, we feel like too many things are getting in the way, and overall we just feel a bit meh about our home space.

If I am totally honest I feel like there are too many negative energies in this space. We haven’t dedicated much of own time and energy into our home, instead we’ve been tied up with business and wedding activities over the last few years.

But now, with the wedding out of the way, we can set about settling into our space a little more. This means we will be working on the decor in 2018, to make it feel more ‘us’, plus we will be working to create a system of using the home space to make our lives easier and enjoyable.

First things first though, we need to work on the fundamental level of cleansing the home of negative energies. These are some of the tools and approaches I have started to use with the intention of creating a positive home environment. Maybe you might like them too!

5 Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energies

5 Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energies

1. Use Salt

Not just for making your food taste good, salt is a mineral with excellent purifying qualities. We recently bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp which helps cleanse the air by converting positive ions into negative ions. Positive ions are thought to have a detrimental affect on our health including lack of energy, fatigue, anxiety and fatigue.

2. Ring Bells

Sound as a tool for cleansing away negative energy is used in many cultures. For example, in Feng Shui the use of bells or wind chimes are believe the help vibrate negative energies back into alignment.

Likewise, bells are meditative practices across Hinduism and Buddhism. We have a bell in our small shrine in the living room. Any kind of bell or chime instrument that brings you a positive feeling would work. The intention is to make you feel centered, aligned.

3. Collect Plants

Filling your home with plants is a great way to cleanse your home of negative energies. Not only does it feel good to have living things in the home but plants are also air purifiers. They literally cleanse the negative energy from the air. I am loving the concept of this subscription plant club (new plants every month? yes, please).

4. Embrace Minimalism

I think minimalism can be interpreted at a personal level. What does being minimal mean to you? Whether it is the bare essentials or simply decluttering, removing the excess ‘stuff’ from your home can allow the energy to pass through it with ease. I’ve heard great things about the KonMari technique.

5. Crystal Love

I have been collecting crystals since I was a child. In fact, one of my earliest memories as a child was placing our family crystals in specific areas of the home. Each crystal has it’s own energy and are great for removing negative energy.


The spiritual side of my life is not something I have ever really discussed or even mentioned on my blog, but it has been a part of me since childhood and it’s almost something I take for granted. However, I’m thinking of sharing a little more of that here on Rosalilium. After all, this is my personal lifestyle blog!

Let me know if you try any of the techniques above! And I hope it helps.

Plus, let me know if you have any further tips on how to cleanse your home of negative energies.

5 Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energies

5 Ways To Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energies