Cocktails at The Shard, London

Yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn, which I guess is not THAT early given it’s the midst of winter right now, but still… I’m not a morning person.

So yes, I was up early to get onto a train to London for the first Pinterest UK Ambassadors summit. As much as I struggle with mornings there is something rather peaceful about sipping on a steaming up cup of coffee whilst watching the English countryside whizz by. Ahh… it’s those simple moments that really do make my heart sing.

I heart Pinterest

Anyways, we spent the day chatting all things Pinterest including the new updates we know are coming very soon as well as brainstorming ideas for how we want to work with the community of pinners in this country.

I was joined by the lovely and rather brilliant Zoe, Sarah and Hege who are the other ambassadors. Each of us with our own unique background, perspective and experience and thus, have LOADS to share with one another. It really became apparent that the old saying ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’ is so true. I feel truly buoyant when I’m around creative, positive and inspiring people like that.

After a full day in the meeting room we grabbed a taxi and pottered across the river to the Southbank where we dropped off our bags at the hotel before heading to the Shard.

The Shard

The Shard, if you haven’t seen the colossal skyscraper in London, is the tallest building in the EU. It’s pretty high up if you intend to go up the viewing deck at the top, which is exactly what we did.

We went through some airport-style security before taking two lifts up to the 68th floor. The lifts ran super fast and without a noticeable bump at all. But the thought of going up so fast was a tad unnerving and when my ears started to pop I had a moment of realisation that we were HIGH up.

Once out of the lift we walked up a few more short stairs and out onto the viewing gallery…

… and oh my gosh…

I don’t think I can possibly find the right words to truly justify just how awesome (in the truest sense of the word) the view was.

It took my breath away

and it filled me with … I don’t what the best word is … wonder maybe? Excitement.


Just wow.

I get excited about a lot of things but this was without doubt one of my favourite things I have ever experienced.

Tower Bridge From The ShardSt Pauls Cathedral from The Shard

I got to see my place of birth in a whole new way.

The sky was clear so we could see for miles and miles as the lights across London twinkled away. I walked the full 360 around the deck, taking my time to pick out landmarks and areas of the capital that have been memorable over the past few decades of my life. From birth, to childhood through to university and adulthood, London holds some real nostalgia for me and in that moment it all came flooding back to me.

I was vlogging the experience and I think I managed to capture the moment I first caught sight of the view, you can see me beaming. It was incredible.

After some time of walking the viewing gallery we climbed a few more stairs to the top deck. It currently has a winter themed installation takeover by Bompas and Parr. It was so funny because I hadn’t done any research before going and I noted how authentic the chilliness and windiness of the experience was…. and then realised it was actually an open air deck! Oooops, silly me.

Pinterest UK Ambassadors

At the top we were treated to mulled champagne, something I’d not heard of before, a delicious sweet, spiced and warm drink. Not sure how champagne-y it was, but I liked it all the same.

Again, we spent time admiring the view and supping up the experience before it was time to go.

But not before trying out the loo with a view! Yep, there is a toilet with a full length window view looking out from the Shard over the Thames. It was probably my favourite toileting experience ever. Not the toilets tend to be that memorable.

Rosalilium at the Shard

I was sad to leave the Shard, I could probably spend hours up there picking apart and studying the view. However, dinner was waiting for us at the Swan restaurant at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Lamb Shank

We enjoyed a fantastic dinner with a view out across the Thames towards St Paul’s Cathedral. There was much fun, laughter and silliness over dinner and wine with a truly fantastic group of ladies.

I’m so grateful and fortunate to have experience such a fabulous day.

I highly recommend you give it a go yourself one day.



  1. Wow, who needs the London Eye when you have the view from the Shard. Stunning. Just shows how special London is really. (Loving the loo with a view idea too!)

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