Colouring Books, they’re not just for kiddies

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Colouring in is not just for kiddies anymore. No siree, us grown-ups now have some rather smashing colouring books to get down with and what’s even better is that apparently it’s good for the soul!

Colouring books for adults have been taking France by storm where over 1 million of these Art Therapy books have been sold! That’s pretty phenomenal for something most of us left back at junior school.

So I was sent a couple of copies to review – Art Therapy Stained Glass and Art Therapy Mandalas. Both books are beautifully bound in thick card hardback to keep your colouring in tact; inside there 100 designs for you to colour in.

Art Therapy Colouring Book For Adults

The Art Therapy books really are just that – therapeutic. I haven’t tried colouring in for yonks! But I really enjoyed just taking the time to switch off and colour in.

I nabbed some colouring pencils/crayons from my little sister as my stash disappeared about 20 years ago, and I was surprised just how pants I am at colouring in now. Remember at school your friends would make fun of you if you went over the lines? Yeah, well that was always me. I was all over the place. But the joy of not being at school is that I can go over the lines as much as I want.

I particularly like the Mandalas book as it appeals to my Hindu/Buddhist leanings. I like what the mandala represents – it’s a universal symbol and set of patterns relating to the universe and they act of creating mandalas reminds us of our relationship to the world.

As the book states:

‘Colouring in a mandala forces you to concentrate and breathe harmoniously. It also stems the flow of thoughts that assail our brains.’ 

Adult Colouring Books

These books are brilliant, in both design and ideal. I really do recommend giving them a go. In fact, the publishers have kindly offered the readers of Rosalilium some samples pages to try out for free. Sweet, eh?

Click here to be taken to the Issu page then click ‘share’ followed by ‘download’ to download and print at home. 

And one lucky reader will win both copies in this week’s giveaway. Hoorah!

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Good luck!


  1. I did enjoy colouring in (and still do) but I think my favourite thing was paddling in the sea, or river, or lake, or puddles. I’ve always loved having my feet in the water.

  2. I spent most of my childhood reading. I was a proper bookworm and haven’t changed that much and seem to have passed this love over to both kids which is fab 🙂

  3. Definitely reading – and being very grateful when I was allowed to turn my light out later, leaving more time for reading in bed!

  4. Well I’m a geographer so I never really stopped coloring in, now a days it’s just a little more high tech and a lot less fun! As a child though I was a proper bookworm.


  5. Colouring books and drawing! I have always been arty and even my parents said that I was always quite happy sitting on my own drawing or colouring – quite the opposite to my two brothers and sister, who were always demanding their attention!

  6. I’ve been coloring for a year now for stress relief purposes. It has done wonders. My favorite childhood activity was (and still is) building with legos!

  7. I actually use to make mandala-like colouring-in shapes with Spirograph! So the idea of more ‘adult-based’ colouring in shapes sounds like a dream.
    I loved jigsaws, (still do!), but they may’ve stemmed from being an only child.
    But I really loved playing ‘ships’ on a big enclosed mound with a hazel tree growing on it. All swishy and a huge amount of fun!! Oh, and making ‘camps’ in the bluebell wood!
    Ah, happy days!

  8. I was a bit of a bookworm, with my head always in a book. I’m sure I enjoyed colouring as a child too and I know how theraputic it is as an adult as I am lucky enough to own a Midnight Colouring book. 🙂

  9. Since having children I’ve rediscovered my love of colouring. These grown up ones look amazing, off to check them out…..

  10. Making collages! I used to cut up old magazines and newspapers of any pictures i liked the look of, use a big sheet of paper and loads of glue and just spend ages stiucking them down until no more would fit on the page! I pretty much had them all over my bedroom walls at one point..

  11. I loved reading – I would read anything and everything (even when I was too young to really understand it). I also loved taking photographs of my Maple Town toys hiding amongst the flowers!

  12. I used to absolutely love colouring in- even to this day I can guiltily be found doodling on pages and colouring them in just when I’m a bit stressed. It’s quite therapeutic!

  13. I was always one of the neat kids – but I couldn’t bear to start a lot of the time in case I ruined something. I definitely remember writing out squares of times tables too!

  14. I used to LOVE colouring in! Still love all things arty and crafty. I wouldn’t just colour in the regular way tho, I’d spend hours using all my colours to go line by line, from the outer edges, to the middle, to create a multi colour effect! My mum found some of my colouring books that she’d kept all these years and passed them back to me recently. There was a rather special Roland Rat one that I’d painstakingly used my paints to colour in.
    These books really are lovely.

  15. I’ve read that revisiting childhood hobbies as an adult can be a really effective tool for increasing happiness and reducing stress. Something about the right levels of concentration to keep your mind busy but not working too hard, and of course reliving childhood experiences. I think it’s really interesting.
    I’m an only child, so I was always into solo pursuits like colouring, puzzles and reading. Lots of reading!

  16. My favourite childhood pastime was board games, including the multi-game ones that had Ludo, Tiddlywinks and Snakes and Ladders in the same box.

  17. I liked to play make believe, usually involving my own stables and horses, I had paperwork for the horses and everything

  18. Drawing. I was very big into my art, i still am but do not have much time to paint landscape like i used to.

  19. Playing dress up and pretend. Often I would be a bank teller. Of course.. I am now terrible at math and I instead chose a career in Graphics.

  20. I loved reading when I was a kid, and really looked forward to the school holidays to get as much reading done as possible. My parents used to come in and check the light beside my bed to make sure I hadn’t turned it back on after bedtime to keep on reading, so I starting hiding a torch under the pillow. I still do read a lot, but not under the blankets any more 🙂

  21. Yay I’ve been wanting these for ages, I saw some similar ones in Waterstones and was so tempted!

  22. I really loved making things out of construction paper when I was little. I’d spend hours stapling paper together, hole-punching within an inch of its life, and making the most tiny, intricate and insignificant things.

    I only heard about ‘grown up’ colouring books a couple of weeks ago and I was completely smitten.

    xx A

  23. Hmm, I think my favorite childhood activity was to go on the swing. I could spend hours on a swing….and to be honest I still love it ^^”

  24. WOW! Well I had loads – reading, running a pretend library using my books, painting and colouring, cross – stitch, jigsaws, and any crafty kits I could pay my hands on (I had loads – ELC did loads of exotic ones back in the late 80s/90s)

    To be honest things haven’t changed that much… I still do all that! Including the library bit as I’m a librarian now! 🙂

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