Confluence – Dance at Sadler’s Wells

On Tuesday night my lovely other half took me to the dance. Off we trotted up to Islington to the renowned dance venue of Sadler’s Wells to watch Confluence, a collaborative piece between Akram Khan and Nitin Sawhney. We had stumbled across the production by chance the previous evening when discussing World music and the boyfriend googled Nitin Sawhney, a favourite of his, only to find this show opening the following day with the cheapest tickets priced at only £10.
sadlers wells
(Sadler’s Wells – Photo by unknown)

Nitin Sawhney is an accomplished musician-composer which combines Asian music with a variety of other influences such as Jazz and Electronica. He has collaborated with a number of artists on projects ranging from theatre, dance, music and even videogames. As the Guardian puts it “It would be easier to jot down what this man can’t do than what he can”.

Akram Khan is an acclaimed dance and choreographer who fuses contemporary dance with classical kathak style. His dance company has been a platform for innovative work collaborating with a diverse range of artists from other disciplines such as theatre, film, visual arts, music and literature.

Confluence fuses Sawhney’s music with Khan’s unique blend of dance, exploring how these ‘two kindred spirits converged’ the piece revisits their past collaborative work and explores the nature of creativity itself.

Despite being seated up in ‘the Gods’ we had an excellent view of the stage and enjoyed the stirring music of Sawhney’s genius with the moving spectacle of Khan’s choreography. The show had elements of comedy, elements of wonder and elements of pure joy. It was wonderful to experience and we left feeling elated.


(Khan and Sawhney in Confluence – Image from The Guardian)
I used to practice Contemporary Dance at college and then at an evening class at the Laban centre a few years ago. This piece has inspired me take it up again, which I am a little nervous about. I loved the flow of tension and release, of feeling every part of my body move and travel, to become aware of muscles I never knew existed. I really hope I can find an opportunity to participate in this wonderful discipline again.