How To Create Your Ideal Morning Routine

I have been a huge advocate for creating a morning routine for a few years now. The benefits of having an intentional routine when you wake up is tremendous. And over the years I have been experimenting and crafting nourishing, grounding, and motivating activities to include in my morning routine so that I can start the day in the best possible way.

ideal morning routine

What is your struggle in the morning?

Maybe you struggle to get motivated in the morning. Or perhaps you take a while to wake up and feel energetic in the mornings. Maybe you are just not a morning person. Or perhaps your mind is busy and over-thinking that you find it hard to get focused in the morning.

Whatever your struggle is in the morning, there is a way to take control and feel at ease at the start of the day.

Intentional actions

Approaching your mornings with intentional actions is the best way to set the tone for the day. Intentional actions are well-thought out and considered activities that serve us in the best possible way. The are activities that fulfil a function that kickstarts our mind, body, or soul so that we can feel energetic and grounded as we go about our day. 

How do we create an ideal morning routine?

Experimenting with different activities to see what works for you is great place to start.

Likewise, trying out different orders of doing morning activities to see what flows is great.

Simply asking yourself ‘how can I honour myself this morning?’ is a lovely way to be intentional about your morning.

Another approach is to do some journalling and brainstorming to think through the morning, take note of what is necessary, and to listen to intuition about what you need.

Morning Routine Worksheet

The ideal morning routine worksheet

To help you create your ideal morning routine I have created a worksheet for you which is free to download and print out at home. It features three pages of questions and prompts to help you think through your mornings. Plus, it has a template to sketch out what your ideal morning routine might look like.

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What if every morning is different?

Some of us like routine and thrive when we repeat the same tasks every morning. Others of us might be more mood, feeling, or situation-led. So if you find your morning routine is, or needs to be, different you can print a few of the last page out and plan a few alternative morning routines.

The goal is to create morning routines that serve you best, however that might look. 

How to download the ideal morning routine worksheet

Simple fill out the box below or head to this page and leave your details. Once you have confirmed your email address you will be sent the link and password to the private resource library where you can download the ideal morning routine worksheet to your computer.

Print out the worksheet if you can, or use the prompts to journal your way to your ideal morning.

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I hope you enjoy the ideal morning routine worksheet and let me know how you get on with the task over on my Instagram

How to create your ideal morning routine

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