Cybher: Lessons Learned and Blogging Tips

lessons learnt from cybherAs I mentioned in my post about attending Cybher, I am going to share some of the key lessons learned at conference. Of course, there were many more sessions than I was able to attend, so there is plenty more out there to be shared and learnt.

In the spirit of community and sharing here are some of my notes:


No-Follow Rule

*** Google’s algorithms are changing. One key thing to note that is that ‘paid-for’ links most have a no-follow attribution or risk being penalised by Google. There was some discussion on this but it might signal the end of paid links.

*** Don’t be concerned with the ‘no-follow’ rule from Google. Genuine companies will still want to work with Blogger’s because they want to engage with your audience. Not because they need the SEO.



*** To make Blogging a career you need something you can package up and sell. There was a lot of talk about find a niche or being a voice of authority on a subject. From there you can build an engaged audience.

*** Technology can be learnt but to build an audience you need a personality, writing style and views that make you unique or interesting.


PR Agencies

*** PR agencies are looking to work with Bloggers who have an authentic voice. It is too obvious when someone is in it for the freebies.

*** There are thousands of PR’s out there keen to work with Blogger’s. Get in touch with the aim of creating a relationship, not just to blag samples.

*** Blogger’s trust other Blogger’s. They are more likely to buy something based on a Blogger’s review or recommendation than any other media source.


The Future

*** The future of Blogging will see an increase in commercial opportunities.


Competition vs Giveaway

*** There is a difference between a prize draw (giveaway) and a competition and as such they must be labelled correctly on your blog. A prize draw (giveaway) is where a winner is randomly picked (such as a random number generator or ‘picked out of a hat’). A competition is when some skill is required (such as answer a question or entering a photograph).

*** Facebook has its own rules for competitions. You are not allowed to just ‘like’ a competition to count as an entry. You cannot run a competition on a wall. A competition must run on an app or separate canvas within the Facebook page.


Achieving Dreams

*** Goal-setting doesn’t actually work for everyone. The traditional business studies model for achievement follows goal-setting. But for many entrepreneurs they choose a more flexible and adaptable model.

*** It is important to share your ideas with someone. Saying it out loud helps clarify for your goals/dreams/ideas and you might find that it leads to contacts, advice and direction. Don’t stay silent because you are scared someone might steal your idea, chances are they are too busy with their own ideas to worry about that.



*** Credit if someone or something inspires you – it is polite to do so. Linking and crediting makes you part of the internet and its network.


World Vision Cause

*** World Vision is working to aid Niger on one of the worst famines they have seen. There is a twitter campaign aiming to raise awareness and eventually put pressure on the Government to help. Check out #ShareNiger.


I hope something here has been interesting, helpful or inspiring. It really is just a snippet of the day, but hopefully it will help you on your Blogging adventures.