Daddy-Daughter Day

My Dad is rad. Just saying. Once a year we have a Daddy-Daughter that usually involves a gig of some kind. This year was Goldfrapp at the Hammersmith Apollo and so we spent the day in London beforehand. Initially we planned to have a cultural day wandering the streets of London discovering some of it’s secrets with this book in hand. But the weather had other ideas, so as gales wrecked the country we hopped from one drinking establishment to another in lovely Soho.
Daddio enjoying his Pulled Pork Bap at Bodens
Pulled Pork Bap at Bodeans – it is yum, and only £6!
Cocktails at Bar Chocolate – that is a Chocolate Martini on the right, it is delicious and boozy
bar chocolate
John Snow Cholera Water Pump
water pump
Me and the Cholera Water Pump
cholera pump
Dad pointing at Nose Sculpture
Nose Sculpture
nose on wall
Nose Sculpture on Meard Street
meard st
Whisky and Amaretto (not in the same glass) in the French House
 Drink at The Coach & Horses
World Premiere of Harry Potter Film at Leicester Square
leicester sq
Fantastic Mexican Tapas for Dinner washed down with Tequila at Wahaca
Me and my Margarita in Wahaca
Walking Past the Harry Potter World Premiere in Leicester Square – Saw Emma Watson
Outside the Hammersmith Apollo
Having Drinks before Goldfrapp Gig
inside gig
Inside the Auditorium for Goldfrapp Gig
goldfrapp london
Several attempts to take photos of the both of us – it was quite tricky with an iPhone!
with dad
with dad again
final with dad again
Goldfrapp were great. The new album harks back to 1980’s electronica and the Alison Goldfrapp was a glittery, captivating ball of magic. Her voice soars through an incredible range with wonderful dynamics and a texture like honey. Her outfits were amazing – for the main part she wore an enormous black,  shiny ticker-tape poncho over black sparkle leggings. The rest of her all male band also wore shiny, tight trousers of silver and black. For the encore she emerged in a giant ball of tulle resembling a cupcake fairy of some kind which added the ethereal feel of the songs from the album, Seventh Tree. And then she changed into a French Minstrel-patterned catsuit with a long black fluffy poncho for the final songs rocking out to big numbers from the albums Black Cherry and Supernature, including my personal favourite Strict Machine.
a g
This was my third time seeing Goldfrapp live and whilst it was enjoyable it did lack the theatre that the previous tour in 2008 had. But do check out the latest of album, it is lots of fun and they remain one of the most consistently brilliant bands around.
All in all, a great day was had – DaddyDaughterDay was a success!