Day Trip to Hereford

On the trainHereford

Last week I took my little sister on a day trip to Hereford to visit our brother. Hereford is only an hour and a half on the train from Birmingham and is a sleepy little town (city) in the rather rural county of Herefordshire. It’s a sweet place and my brother has been living there on and off for the last 6 years whilst he finishes his training in Artisan Blacksmithing.

pussy cat

After a train journey of eye-spy and the alphabet game, we arrived in sunny Hereford to meet lil bro who immediately requested lunch. Standard. But first we popped by his house to meet the new little kitty in town. So cute!

lunch and shoppingvintage lampshades

For lunch my lil bro chose a rather generic chain pub that served up huge burgers. He’s a burger-fiend, my brother. He wasn’t so keen about me taking a photo of his lunch. Ha!

We spent the afternoon having a lazy stroll around town. I had a quick nosey through some of the charity shops, there are loads in Hereford, and came away with a cute daisy print jug.

Hereford_Cathedraldetails in Hereford Cathedral

Next we took a wander around the cathedral. It’s a stunning cathedral with some really interesting architectural details including a swastika-tiled floor, detailed stained glass windows and incredible stonemasonry.


Of course, we spent some time being silly – as siblings do. It was probably the first time the three of us have hung out together on our own, it was really lovely. And I think my brother appreciated that we made the effort to visit him – I know my sister definitely appreciated having some sibling-time. So all round it was a really lovely day that ended with my sister and I making a sleepy journey home on the train and passing out on the sofa in front of Grand Designs.



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