DIY: Chevron Smile iPhone Case

DIY chevron iPhone caseI’ve been playing with my Cricut Explore again and this time I decided to get around to decorating my iPhone cover. Because we all love a cute cover for our smartphones and a DIY iphone case is a pretty nifty project to get working on.

I took inspiration for my project from the various hipster chevron designs that one can find all over Pinterest. But I steered away from the monochrome look and opted for a gold and white motif complete with a circular text box and a simple motto – ‘smile’.

I was trying to think of a motto or pun related to instagram as that is probably my most used iPhone app. In the end I decided a simple request to smile was cute and quirky enough for me.Cricut Explore to make iPhone case

Now, the actual process of using the Cricut Design Space was a little more of a challenge than my previous project as I used a couple of new functions and the final design was pretty fiddily to apply when using a sticky material such as vinyl. Still… perseverance, patience and a few fists in the air later and I am really pleased with the result.

In the Cricut Design Space you can choose the canvas shape and size to suit your project, and handily they have presets for smartphones. I was able to select smartphone -> iphone -> iphone 5, to come up with the correct size and dimensions for my cover.

setting the iphone canvas

Next I picked out a chevron design to form the basis of my design. I covered this with a medium sized circle and then spent an age going through all the fonts until I could decide on one that would work for my ‘smile’. In the end, I chose Mission Script. I always choose Mission Script. Nothing else does it for me.

The most challenging part was working out how to get the writing to be the cut out part. Sounds simple. But I’d never done it before. Thankfully the FAQ section on the Cricut website is pretty detailed and I found the function I needed to combine my shapes into one. It involved the cmd key on my laptop.

final design on Cricut Design Space

The actual cutting process was simple, just attach the vinyl to the cutting mat, feed into the machine and hit Go.

The trickiest step was afterwards. I had to peel off all of the offcuts that weren’t to be used, and as you can see quite a few little bits are cut out. Then I had to carefully peel the whole design off the backing and as there were so many bits cut away from the vinyl it was a little unwieldy. Then the trickiest of tricky bits was trying to place the vinyl onto my iPhone case. Patience is the biggest virtue of them all at this point.

DIY iPhone case Smile

But hoorah! I got there in the end and look how snazzy my DIY iPhone case is!

Now that I am starting to feel a bit more confident with my Cricut I think I’ll try some double layer projects and experiment with some fabrics next time. I might even scale up to something larger!

Smile iPhone Cover


The Cricut Explore machine is available now in the US here and in the UK it will be released towards the end of May. 


this post is written in collaboration with Cricut who have kindly sent me a machine to review. I will be testing out the machine and sharing my progress here over the next few months.

  1. Wow, the Cricut is so versatile!!! We were wishing we had one at school for all the cutting out required in a Reception class! X

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