Domestic Sluttery Book Launch

This week I popped down to London to attend the Domestic Sluttery book launch. Those wonderfully clever and awesome ladies that I now work with spent the beginning of this year putting together a beautiful book that probably needs to adorn your coffee table in the very near future.

Of course, you might think me biased now that I write for Domestic Sluttery the blog, and maybe I am. But seriously, have a gander at the book for yourself and let me know what you think. It is filled with all the usual topics you would expect, from fantastic recipes to style tips to general all round awesomeness.

The launch party itself was great fun.  I got to meet some of the other Domestic Sluts in real life, and I can confirm that they are all as rad as you’d expect. Sian looked serene and lovely with beautiful hair and a gorgeous dress. And there was lots of awesome style spots to see. Also the Domestic Sluts made it on to the Editors Picks on WIWT. See page 2 and 3 here (it keeps being updated).

I spent the evening swigging large glasses of Moscow Mules which apparently contained copious amounts of vodka (I tend to be rather immune to this particular spirit) and chatting with my dates for the evening (my lovely friends Emily and Jen) and admiring all the wonderful people in attendance. I wore my Dream Dress which my kind Mama bought for me, and I felt great in it. The photo doesn’t do justice to it, but I did feel like a big Christmas Tree or Holly with my green dress on and my bright red hair. I am so festive it hurts.

And how rad are some of these fashion sneaky peeks?

Buy the book on Amazon or maybe your local bookstore.

(I’m not paid to say this, I just really think you might like it)