Don’t Look At Me…

…I’m feeling a little poorly. Probably best if you just look at the back of my head like this lovely lady.
jessie roth
I have dosed up on Berocca and paracetamol and refused to leave the house today, along with drinking copious amounts of tea I think I should be right as rain for the weekend.
The boyf and I are planning to have a lovely weekend of exploring the local area with possibly a trip to the seaside and a foraging walk in the forest. So I will need to wrap up against the elements and brave that chilly weather out there.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! And keep it coming with the Field of Dreams ideas! Think positive and make it happen.


  1. Going to the seaside when it's cold and windy, all wrapped up is one of the lovelier things in life!

    I hope your smeggy cold goes away so that you can enjoy it!

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