The Good Life Unravelled: Ep. 32 – Cooking To Inspire Community and Creativity with Emily Leary


Emily Leary A Mummy Too


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In today’s podcast episode we are chatting to Emily Leary.

Emily is an award-winning blogger and author. She founded her blog, A Mummy Too in 2011 out of a love for family, food and photography. She is consistently voted in the top ten most influential food bloggers in the UK and regularly works as a recipe developer for a number of brands. She released her number 1 bestselling book – Get Your Kids to Eat Anything in 2019.

In this episode Emily shares her current experience living in lockdown in the UK with her husband and two children. We chat about the Facebook Live cookalongs she is hosting everyday with her daughter which offers a sense of community with people all over the UK.

We also chat about the process that Emily created in her book – Get Your Kids to Eat Anything – as a way to help families have variety in their everyday cooking.

Emily is honest about the ups and downs of lockdown and we discuss how we’ve been communicating with our partners as we have days of struggle.

Emily shares what a good life means to her, plus her favourite self-care activity that helps her feel strong and positive.

I loved this chat with Emily last week. She has such an infectious positivity about her. We have actually met a few times in real life and she is as lovely in person as she sounds. Just the kind of smily face we need to see right now.

I hope you enjoy our first interview back since the lockdown started. I was a little hesitant for a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure I shared podcasts that felt inspiring and empowering whilst being sensitive to this new world we’re living in.

I truly hope you are all keeping as safe as you are able, and I wish you all well. If you do enjoy this podcast and find it uplifting it would be great if you could share it with your friends and networks on social media.


  • You can be creative in any way you like. Learn the rules, then break them. 
  • The most successful people often break the rules by being themselves.
  • Lockdown is a good time to encourage anyone to have a go at creating and sharing content online.
  • Experiment with food, and have fun with it.
  • Include children in all aspects of food and take them on a journey with you to discover new dishes.
  • Communicate with your partner during lockdown if you’re having a bad day.
  • Try to find some kind of normality and something that anchors you to what your life usually looks like.
  • Living a good life is different right now.


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