Etsy Picks: Wall Art

One of my favourite things to buy from etsy is wall art. Whether it is a a graphic, an illustration or even fine art. I am have a little bit of a collection on the go and just love to add more to it every few months or so. I will admit that most of them are sat in a portfolio folder waiting to be framed (naughty Elizabeth) but one day, when I’m finally settled in one place for more than a few months at a time, I will get all of my beautiful wall art up on display.

It’s only once I put together this collage that I realised that these prints have a rather similar colour scheme. It was not intentional at all. These are just some of my etsy favourites that I have collected over the past year. It would appear that I am drawn to certain hues!

These five wall art prints from Etsy are top of my wish list:

  1. Kelli Murray – Poppy print
  2. Sandra Dieckmann – Bison print
  3. Alisa Bobzien – Damn Fine Day print
  4. Yumalum – Dance to the Music print
  5. Claudia Varosio – Lost in Translation print


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