The Good Life Unravelled: Ep.18 – Finding Your Purpose, Diversity in Travel and Intersectional Feminism with Eulanda Osagiede


Eulanda Osagiede

In today’s podcast episode I chat to Eulanda Shead Osagiede, co-founder of Hey! Dip Your Toes In, an award winning blog that promotes creative digital content with a focus on global travel and food culture. 

She has helped travel and food culture brands like Coca-Cola, IBM, Etihad Airways, and tourism brands around the globe to tell their stories and create compelling digital content.

Notably, her work has been featured in Forbes, Lonely Planet, House of Coco magazine, Culture Trip, Matador Network, Voyager, CULTURS, Blogosphere magazine, and others.

With her authoritative voice on global travel, food tourism, and influencer marketing, Eulanda has been sought out as a workshop facilitator, brand ambassador, and guest speaker at events around the world like The Photography Show, WTM London, Borderless Live, TBEX, WITS, and TEDx in Morocco.

In the episode Eulanda shares her story of how she went from studying medicine, to teaching dance and owning a dance studio, to being a photographer, and through to her current calling, proving a space for storytellers. She shares how figuring out your purpose is part of the your life journey and how important it is to trust the experiences you have 

Eulanda is a true storyteller, she answers every question with stories and examples. She has a wonderful way with words. 

We talk about how identities are fluid, and Eulanda shares a life-changing moment in Spain recently that inspired her to reevaluate how she perceived travel.

Eulanda talks about her work as the BAME Executive Officer for the Women In Travel organisation and how that came about. We discuss why diversity and inclusion is necessary in the travel industry. We also talk about intersectionality and intersectional feminism and how we can only move forward with feminism if it is intersectional.

Finally Eulanda shares her perspective on what a good life means, and what her self-care routines include. 


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