Expedition: Spider

Warning: if you are arachnophobic (like I am) you might want to look away. 

Just to prove how brave I was with my spider bite, and even how brave I was to be able to sleep at night with these nasty things in the room, here is a photo of a spider in La Laguna.
They are big, ugly, and their bites are painful (but luckily not poisonous).
Image: Oli Reiche
I kept the image small on this one, those things are terrifying.
  1. I used to have a pet tarantula called Valentine. However, she was always tucked away safely in her cage. Not sure if I would have liked her wandering around the bedroom.

  2. woah, that is huge. You are amazing for sleeping in the same room as them. what did you have to do about the bite?

  3. I could never sleep with those in my room- you are super brave!!! Your trip looks amazing by the way (minus the spider) 😀


  4. I'm not an arachnophobic, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't sleep in the same room as one of those. I'd probably zip myself all the way into my sleeping bag. You are one brave woman!

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