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I am asked the following questions on a rather frequent basis. So it’s best I pop them down here for clarity and brevity. If there is anything I haven’t asked get in touch!

When did you start blogging?

I started my first blog in 2008. It was a travel blog on one of those annual paid subscription platforms. It was silly really because it now only exists on a CD. But still, I got into blogging every day whilst I was travelling around Southeast Asia.

I started this blog, previously called Rosalilium, in 2010.

Why did you start blogging?

Because I really like breaking grammatical rules. Like this one.

Also I really like writing, taking photos and sharing my thoughts, ideas and insights with other people. I like connecting with people from all over the world over shared interests and perspectives. Blogging is ideal for this.

Why did you change from Rosalilium?

Honestly, I just felt like I wanted my spot on the internet to be my actual name. When we all started our blogs 10 years ago it was often anonymous to start with so we came up with silly, random, or nonsensical names. Now, I’m happy and proud to have my blog named after me. It’s like my calling card on the world wide web.

What camera do you use?

At the moment I use either a Canon 60D (which is a pretty old DSLR camera, the most recent version is the Canon 80D)  with a variety of lens. 

My favourite lens for the Canon include 50mm f.18 lens, which is great for portraits or food photography. I use the 10-18mm lens for super-wide angle shots, which is great for travel, landscapes and interior shots. And I also use the 24-105mm lens as an all-rounder lens. 

For vlogging and low light photos I use the Canon G7X, which is a small compact camera with a flip-up screen.

I also use a GoPro for video and photos in adventure, or swimming scenes.

How do you edit your photographs?

Primarily I use Photoshop to resize and edit. I also use IOS apps for my iPhone photos. My favourite is VSCO.

Can you offer me one-to-one blog advice?

Sure, I am now offering blog coaching sessions. Pop me an email for more details.

What blogging platform, host, theme, plugins etc do you use?

My blog is on WordPress, I use Krystal for hosting and the theme is from Pipdig. For more details on other tools I use for blogging check out my Resources page.

We are an amazing brand and we would love to work with you…

Awesome! I love amazing brands. These are the following ways we could work together:

  • Writing 
  • Social Media chat 
  • Brand Ambassador-ing
  • Public Speaking 
  • Interviews
  • Advertising
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Reviews

Do you accept sponsored posts?

Occasionally. I am interested in working with brands that are a good match to my blog and my readers. I’d like to collaborate on sponsored posts that are creative and are mutually beneficial to me, my readers and the brand. If you are a brand looking to increase brand awareness and recognition do get in touch.

Please note all sponsored posts will include no-follow links. This is in accordance with Google guidelines. All sponsored posts will be attributed as so within the post.

Do you accept products for review?

I do sometimes receive samples to review on the blog. However, sending a product does not guarantee a review. I do receive quite a few samples and can’t guarantee a review for every single one. The integrity of this blog is important to me. If the product is great, I’ll probably share that with my readers. But, no guarantees I’m afraid.

Where can I send you samples?

Please get in touch for my address. I move house a lot so chances are any address you have for me is wrong.

Can I pay you to write articles for me?

I love creating new content. It’s my third favourite thing after sleeping and eating chocolate.

Can I advertise on your site?

Sure, if you’re a good fit and appropriate for the blog. Please get in touch.

Hi, I have never spoken to you before but I’d love to write a guest post on your blog with a follow link back to my own commercial site …

I do not accept any unsolicited guest posts on this site. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, the writing is the best bit!

Would you like to come to this amazing event? It’s in Timbuktu.

Sure, if you’re paying the airfare! No seriously, I love going to events, meeting new people and discovering cool stuff. If the event is relatively close and I’m free I’d love to come along. Otherwise I will need my travel expenses covered along with time and work required afterwards.

That’s a lovely photograph, can I use it on my website?

All of my images are copyrighted, please do not use the right click without getting in touch first. In most cases I am happy for bloggers to use one image from a post on their own blog if referring to a particular post on this blog on condition that they provide full credit to me and a link back to the original post. All other uses are a copyright infringement. Please get in touch if you are interested in any images on this blog.

Any further questions? Get in touch!