Favourite Christmas…films

Christmas films are standard fare at this time of year. As the country settles down to nest and hibernate (pah! Christmas parties, pah!) the tellybox is the most common form of entertainment (especially since my lil bro and I kick everyone’s butt at board games). It’s so easy to switch off from the world and absorb yourself in visual delights while you scoff down a giant tin of Roses and bottle of Baileys. And there is something very comforting about watching an old familiar Christmas movie from days gone by.

merry christmas

And so, another list of my Christmas Favourites…this time, films.

Santa Claus the Movie – I grew up watching this film. It helped me imagine Father Christmas as a child, and Dudley Moore is pure 80s classic.

Elf – “Buddy the Elf, what’s you favourite colour?” …this is probably one of the best films ever! No matter how many times I watch it  I laugh my Christmas stockings off.

It’s a Wonderful Life – this is the ultimate classic. Incredibly simple story beautifully acted and directed. I dare you not to shed a tear.

The Muppet Christmas Carol – lots of fun and sillinesss…and Kermit the Frog. What a dude.

Bernard and the Genie – I grew up watching this film. In fact, I think I demanded to watch this every time I went to visit my Dad. I just love Lenny Henry as the Genie and Alan Cumming is rad. This is a proper laugh out loud comedy.

The Snowman – I cannot watch the ending of this film anymore. It makes me cry. So I watch up to the Santa Claus bit and sing ‘Walking in the Air’ in my very best opera voice.

Home Alone – Another great Christmas comedy caper. I think all of us wished we were as ingenious as little Macauly Culkin at that age.

Scrooged – I do love a bit of Bill Murray, and this dark version of the Christmas Carol story is great to watch.

Love Actually – I actually did not like this film at first. I thought there were far too many story lines and characters. But as both my families insist on watching it every year I have come to be quite fond of it. Not least because my favourite actor, Alan Rickman, is in it.

A Christmas Carol – There are so many good versions of this story, and it has to be ultimate tale of Christmas spirit. I love it. The one with with Patrick Stewart is fantastic, he is an incredible actor (and my favourite Star Trek Captain).

What have I missed? There must be some Christmas classic movies out there that I need to see.