Favourite Christmas…food and drink

Christmas food and beverages are the stuff of gastronomic dreams. Not only is it the time to indulge and enjoy every moment of celebrating, but Christmas offers some seasonal goodies too. Whether you are a turkey, sprouts or yule log fan, there is something for everyone. Personally I cannot stand the mini cabbage like greens, Christmas pudding hurts my feelings and I don’t see the point of bread sauce (what is that about?). But throw these Christmas food and drink favourites into my Christmas recipe and I am a very happy festive lass indeed.

Baileys – this year I am a Baileys-aholic. I don’t know what it is (shhh…it’s not age) but I have gradually grown to love the creamy boozy stuff over the years. And as soon as Mama Rosalilium brought home to bottles for the ‘festive period’ I was on it like a fish loves water. How easy is Baileys to drink? It tastes like Christmas if you ask me, so it was entirely necessary for my to guzzle away at a bottle in one week in order to get my Christmas on.

Port – Not necessarily festive, but it is a special occasion drink in our family and there is something wonderfully social about lingering at the dinner table after a feast of delicious food and passing the Port. One year my Step-Dad made the mistake of pouring the Port for my Grandad, who went mental. The big G-Dad is rather strict of etiquette, it’s brilliant.

Mulled Stuff – Whether it a cup of overpriced steaming mulled wine from the German Market, or a some groggy homemade mulled cider, tis most definitely the season for the spiced warm boozy beverage. Just the inviting scent lingering in the air is enough to evoke Christmassyness (is that word? coz it should be).

Pecan Pie – for more details and my recipe check out my post at . But simply, Pecan Pie is my dessert of choice on Christmas Day. (p.s. do you think my food photography is improving? I am trying really hard)

Turkish Delight – One of my most vivid memories as a child was nibbling away at the strange pink and yellow sweets with Christmas telly blaring in the background. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before and yet it only appeared at Christmas. Yep, Turkish Delight = Christmas, for me.

Chocolate Orange – Mama Rosalilium still gives us big kids a stocking on Christmas Day morning, and tradition is, I am told, that at the toe of every stocking should be an orange. Well, as the fussiest kids ever known to mankind my lil bro and I would not eat fruit. So instead we have always had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange wrapped up at the bottom of our stocking.

Gingerbread – Biscuits in general are a Christmas staple for me (who am I kidding, I love biscuits all year round) but the ginger kind have a great warming comforting feel to them. Gingerbread particularly is happily Christmassy with softness and it’s childlike properties. (Remember, a biscuit is for life not just for Christmas).

Sausage Stuffing – I find it too sad to eat a roast dinner without stuffing. It finishes off the dinner, it brings it all together. It makes for excellent leftover sandwiches the next day.

Goose – If I had the choice I would have roast goose or duck or some other game bird for Christmas dinner. My Dad makes the most delicious roast dinners and he has made some excellent goose and duck dinners for us all.

Pigs in Blankets – Lastly, but no means leastly (again, that’s not a word is it?) I love those mini chipolatas wrapped in bacon. I love anything with bacon, but these add a little nugget of joy to my Christmas Day.

What is your favourite Christmas food and drink? Are there any glaring omissions in my list?

  1. Ooh, I love Christmas pudding and bread sauce! (Seperately, of course). I also adore mince pies and can’t understand how people can’t like them, they’re so nice!

    One of my personal traditions is to buy German lebkuchen from the Christmas markets and enjoy them in the run up to Christmas – I’ve discovered apricot jam-filled ones this year and they are absolutely gorgeous.

    As for drinks, well as corporate as they are, I do love a good Starbucks eggnog latte. Again, it’s my festive tradition to get one as soon as they come out (for some reason they never seem to stock enough cartons so they run out quickly). This year I’ve also been enjoying a glass (or three) of mint Baileys – it’s just so nice!

  2. Port & Mulled Wine are my faves, this year I have also taken a liking to boozy fruit anything – mince pies, fruit cakes, etc etc. Not sure what has bought on this revival but I’m loving it 🙂

  3. I love mulled wine & cider.mmmmm….

    Pigs in blankets are one of the best things ever!!! But you missed roast potatoes – done in goose fat ( i do them in olive oil the rest of the year )..

    I know you’re not keen on fruit – but Cranberry sauce, my Gran makes an amazing one and it is not Christmas without my Grans Cranberry Sauce!

  4. Stollen. Cake + marzipan can only be a good thing right?
    Lidl and Aldi always do the best ones. (Avoid the mr kipling numbers they are rubbish)
    And a cheese with fruit in it – like a Wensleydale and apricot maybe.

    And Winter Pimms. With some apple juice. Oh and spiced cider. And some mulled wine.

    So cake and cheese and booze. They don’t call it the cheese and mulling season for nothing.

  5. Chocolate orange for me too… I especially like the one with the popping candy! (Breaking from tradition a little there I know!!) I also like to get a cheese board, crackers and pickled onions 🙂 And some candy canes (not to eat with the cheese of course!) Have a lovely Christmas my dear! x

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