Favourite Christmas…songs

One of first signs of Christmas is the prevalence of Christmas songs following you wherever you go. On the radio, the television, in every single shop you visit….Christmas songs are an important ingredient in the Christmas recipe*.

Unfortunately for me, my lil bro has stolen our family Christmas CD and buggered off to Hereford with it. Git. It’s the same compact disc we have listened to since the early days of their release. We grew up listening to this one album and that is where the majority of my favourite come from.

So in the absence of our Christmas CD (it better come back with him on Sunday or there will be fisticuffs) I made an attempt at a playlist for Christmas. Here are my favourite Christmas songs (I am sure I have forgotten about a gazillion gems):

  • Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie – this song reminds me of my Daddio. I think it must have been a favourite for him. I love the duba-duba-dum-dum…
  • Do They Know it’s Christmas by Band Aid (original obvs) – we had the original vinyl single of this and my lil bro and I would play this song all year round whilst jumping on the sofas. It was rad.
  • Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens – this is such a fun song.
  • A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burgh – la la la la laaaa… and some cool electric organ. What is not  to love?
  • Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl – another one that reminds me of my Dad. I remember him liking to use swear words a lot when I was little and this song made me laugh as a kid. It has had quite a renaissance in recent years, which is nice.
  • White Christmas – a classic song, that I sang at a gig in a Working Men’s Club in Blackpool one New Year’s Eve. I think I was 11.
  • Let it Snow! by Dean Martin – how cute is the intro to this song? and ‘oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful…’ A proper festive classic.
  • The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole – he has such a beautiful voice and a style of days gone by.
  • And my favourite carols…Silent Night, Good King Wenceslas, Away in a Manger – I like to sing these at the top of my lungs in my pretend opera voice. My Granny has a beautiful opera-like voice so I’m hoping one day I can sing like her to all my Grandchildren.

What is your favourite Christmas song? Is it one of the carols? Maybe you like a bit of Mariah?

*the Christmas recipe was the story at my baby sisters school play. I will share details next week.
  1. we had the same album for years too – and now i have it on my ipod 🙂 the best christmas album in the world ever and I have to listen to it in that order to feel christmasy haha, odd.

    My ultimate fave is dulce jubilo by mike oldfield, I first heard it in assembly in primary school and I’ve never had a different favourite since. Though second is ‘its the most wonderful time of the year’ by Andy Williams which wasn’t on the best christmas album in the world ever lol.

  2. Aww love most Christmas songs – fav is prob Fairytale of New York though! Have orderd the Buble Christmas album – can’t wait to listen to it 🙂 x

  3. There’s something wrong with your list – it is totally wrong because MARY’S BOY CHILD – BONEY M is not at the top of it!

    Get thee to a stereo now and hear it – it’s not Christmas til you have bopped to that one! See also: Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You; Wham – Last Christmas.

  4. My favourite is Tim Minchin – White Wine In The Sun 🙂 Absolutely love it!!

    All time favourite is Pogues – Fairy Tale In New York, it’s only officially Christmas when I start hearing that on Radio1!!

    Also strangely fond of the South Park Christmas Album – am I a 13 year old bot in disguise!!

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