Favourite Things: Awesome Tea Towels

Red and White : Battersea Power Station : Colourful and Checked : Classic Cocktails : Spotty and Rose : UK and Ireland

The humble tea towel. It’s not always the first thing I think to spend my pennies on, but not only are they darn useful but they can look rather pretty too. And every kitchen could do with a little extra pizzazz.

Over the past year or so I have been working on improving my food photography. It’s a pretty tough gig actually and not half as easy as it looks. But I’m enjoying the challenge and I think I have made some improvements since I first started Rosalilium. But this is definitely a challenge I want to continue working on in 2013. So the next stage is to bring more props into my food photography. One of the easiest ways to do so is with a casual drape of a tea towel. Hence my brief wander through the tinterweb in search of some more tea towels to add to my stash. Above are some of my favourite. But, blimey, there are loads of tea towels out there! I have a feeling I might get a new collection on the go.

The Battersea Power Station is so striking but maybe not practical for food photography. The Classic Cocktails tea towel would be a great stocking filler for the boyf as he is the cocktail fan in the house, but do boys like tea towels? The UK and Ireland tea towel could be pinned up as a print, it’s so cute. I really like the Spotty and Rose tea towels from Debenhams they are both pretty and non-obtrusive. Plus the other tea towels have the colours that might lift a food photograph.

How do you feel about tea towels – for practical purposes only or an opportunity for splurging on pretty things?


  1. My favourite tea towels are the ones my children made at school. Each class did a self portrait and then they were printed onto the tea towels. Totally fabulous! I have never used them as tea towels, instead I have them on the kitchen wall 🙂

    I do buy pretty tea towels just because they are pretty! I also have the plain boring ones for using as tea towels lol

    1. Oooh, I did one of those at Brownies when I was a little’un. I think my Mum still has it. I am totally digging it out when I go back at Christmas.

  2. Who would have thought that tea towels could be so stylish?! Love the Cocktail menu one, will definitely get that for a pressie.

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