Febshoeary: A Charity Shoe Challenge

For the entire month of February Madison Hughes will give up all but one pair of her shoes – a pair of killer 4.5-inch heels. She will do every single activity in them: her daily three hour commute, bike rides, Zumba classes, gym sessions, bowling, horse-riding, sledding… EVERYTHING!

Her month-long journey will be documented on a daily online diary at www.febshoeary.com and observers will be encouraged to turn her shoe pain into tangible donations.

But why?

It’s estimated that 300 million children worldwide don’t have a pair of adequate shoes. And 1.4 billion people worldwide suffer from diseases that could be prevented if they had suitable shoes. Yet in 2010, 790,000 tons of footwear and apparel ended up in landfill.

The ‘Febshoeary’ challenge has been launched in an effort to help tackle this problem. To raise money for Soles4Souls – a charity which has provided more than 19 million people with shoes.

With your help, Febshoeary can raise vital funds to help give everyone in the world this basic necessity – shoes. And amazingly, only £1 = 1 pair of shoes!

I threw a few questions at Madison to find out more:

1. When you are not taking on crazy challenges like wearing 4.5inch heels for a month, what do you do?

I work in advertising as a social media manager and strategist. I’m in the middle of Oxford Circus so I’m constantly surrounded by shops – I should walk around blindfolded!

2. Where did the idea for the Febshoeary come from?

At the beginning of January I decided to give up alcohol for a month. Then, knowing what a shoe addict I am, a colleague jokingly challenged me to give up all of my shoes instead. It kind of snowballed from there! And the agency I work at really supported me and helped to make it a reality!

3. What is your dream goal for Febshoeary?

If people support Febshoeary and everything that it stands for, then I’d love to make it bigger and bigger each year. I’d love to build in the functionality for people to set up their own profiles on the site so they can participate and raise funds too. I don’t think everyone would want to wear heels for the whole month, but people could choose flats, trainers, wellies if they wanted to!

4. Do you have a pain strategy to deal with this challenge?

Cry? Naaaah, I’m usually quite good in heels – I’m only 5ft so wear them quite often – but I’m just going to grin and bear it. Oh and buy loads of plasters!

5. Finally, in one sentence please could you tell me why I should donate £1 to Soles4Souls?

Because I said so.

Seriously though: Not everyone is lucky enough to have something as basic as a pair of shoes. We can help change that. And for only £1.


For more details:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Febshoeary
Hashtag: #Febshoeary
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Febshoeary


A very worthy and awesome cause I think. So good luck to Madison and I look forward to following her Febshoeary challenge this month!