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I have kind of shot myself in the foot with the topic for today, Fit and Healthy, because I am not exactly the world’s fittest person and I really could do with being a bit healthier. I am one of those folk who always stick it on my New Year’s Resolution list but then end up getting distracted with ‘life’.

Nevertheless, I do try and make little efforts here and there to keep a bit fit and a bit healthy.

This what I do to be fit and healthy:

  1. I try and walk as much as possible. I don’t actually drive so this is helpful. To get around on my own I need to take public transport or walk. So I choose to walk to wherever I need to go every day. For example, on Friday I went to a meeting at the Custard Factory which is two miles away from where I live. So I covered at least 4 miles of walking on Friday, which is not too shabby.
  2. I eat small portions of food. I just find it quite hard to eat a lot at once so. I eat when I’m hungry and I eat at fairly regular intervals. I prefer the little and often approach to my meals and I think this helps digestion.
  3. I try to get five-a-day in. I mostly fail. But I work with what I can. Did you know a glass of orange juice is one of your five-a-day? And also a portion of baked beans too?
  4. Sleep. I like my sleep. Like, a lot. If I can get a minimum eight hours a night in then I’m happy. But if I can get nine to ten hours of sleep in I feel on top of the world. I think a good amount of sleep is good for your physical and mental health.
  5. I don’t drink alcohol very often. It started off more as a financial thing, I couldn’t afford to buy booze so I just ended up not drinking very often. Now, I am much more aware of the effects of alcohol on body when I do drink. It feels like I’m being poisoned sometimes! So I keep drinking to a minimum. I feel like this has a positive effect on my health.
  6. I drink a LOT of water. I am a big advocate of the healing benefits that water has on the body and state of mind. If I’m ever feeling a bit poop I drink some water and most of the time I feel better. I am pretty sure that most people’s ills are caused by  dehydration. Drink lots of water!
  7. I eat a bowl of Bran Flakes for breakfast every day. I have done this for years and I love feeling like I’m eating health for breakfast. I used to suffer from IBS when I was younger but after switching to Bran Flakes for breakfast I have mostly been fine ever since.
  8. I try to get a minimum of ten minutes sun exposure every day. This is a bit tricky in the winter months but right now I get outside to get my skin absorbing the vitamin D. It’s essential for the brain and wellbeing.
  9. I avoid too much sugar. I’m not a huge fan of cake. I don’t like dairy products. And I avoid trans-fats, ready made meals and fast food. I can feel these foods upsetting my stomach when I eat them so rarely eat them.
  10. I like stretching. Sounds a bit weird, but I love a good stretch in the morning. I feel like it wakes my mind and body up.

So there you have it. I could really do with taking up a proper form of exercise. I keep meaning to go to the gym. I’d like to take up yoga and dance again. And I really need to eat more vegetables. But every day I try and make little adjustments towards a healthier lifestyle.

I would love to hear how you stay fit and healthy?

Image: from the Green & Black’s expedition in the Dominican Republic 2011


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