Five Best Foundations for 30s Skin

The Best Foundation for 30s skin

I am in the midst of getting to know my face on an intimate level. That is, for too long I was ignoring what was really going on with my skin and now, at the post 30 year old mark, I’ve realised that my face might need a little bit more TLC than I was affording it.

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It’s a long process and I’ve spent a couple of years quietly researching, sampling and learning how the skin on my face works. It’s a weird one, I’ll admit. As soon as I hit 30 my skin started to change at a much more dramatic rate. Those fine lines are appearing, my expressive face has finally given way to deeper wrinkles and I have pigmentation from years of foreign travel.

Best foundation for 30s skin

Anyways, that happens. That’s life. I’m ok with it. But I do want to give my skin and my face the best chance I can by taking care of it.

I also want to look my best when possible. So I’ve been getting to grips with bases. I have found that having a good base for my make-up makes a huge difference to my overall look. Whether it’s a light, dewy finish or an even matte coverage, I enjoy creating different looks starting with foundation.

In order to do so though, I’ve discovered that having a range of different foundations really helps. Like most women my skin changes throughout the month and depending on blemishes etc. I need different types of products. Other factors such as weather and occasions also influence the kind of foundation I wish to use.

Let’s cut to the chase, I’ve filmed a quick YouTube video sharing what I consider are the 5 best foundations for 30s skin.

The types of products we used in our teens and twenties will be different to what our mature skin will need. Mostly, anyway.

Have a watch for my reasonings behind each choice and more details are below on the best foundations for 30s skin.


Of course, my journey into make-up is an ongoing task so I’d love to hear if you have any of your own foundation recommendations.


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  1. Oh yes I hear ya. I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin since I hit my 30’s. It’s taken me ages to find a product that sits well on my skin. I used to be a big fan of Bare Minerals until someone pointed out they can look a bit chalky. I’ve now switched to Australian brand Inika. It’s 100% natural and not tested on animals. I wore it on my wedding day and was so impressed I switched to it straight away. x

  2. Great thank you! Really struggling to find something to suit my skin… I have fine lines and pores and with combination skin! Great!
    Will definitely give these a try.

  3. So what setting powder would you recommend? I’m 37 and just recently I have noticed the makeup isn’t looking luscious, looking dull. I use Dermablend as a foundation and it looks great but then I put on NYX #NoFilter and within a few hrs I look like death. Any tips? Please. THANK YOU!

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