Five Favourite Blogs (again)

I am an avid blog reader. I love them. I love discovering the details and nuances and tastes and ideas and activities of other people’s lives. I guess that’s the Anthropologist in me, I am constantly fascinated by other human beings.

I did a vlog a while ago sharing five of my favourite blogs but as I do love so many blogs I am going to give a shoutout to five other blogs that I think are rad. You should check them out too, you might think they are rad as well.

Joy the Baker

this lady can COOK. of my, she is such an inspiration to me as a food blogger and her food photography is stunning.

Caroline Hirons

the only beauty blog I properly follow. Caroline really knows her shiz and she is completely honest. I’d trust her with my skin.

Kyla Roma

Kyla’s blog is where you go to be inspired about living a mindful life. Awesome.

Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

Rosalind’s writing and photography is simply marvellous. Her style is enviable. Always something to enjoy there.

Oh So Lovely

written by two friends who also own a vintage shop, it is filled with colour, vintage and style.

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