Five Pretty Things: Autumn/Winter Workwear

I have a bit of an office job going on at the moment. It makes me sad as it keeps me away from Rosalilium but it also pays more of the bills. So off to the office I trundle along with an uninspiring ‘uniform’. I work in the kind of office where creativity in the clothing department is frowned upon. We are limited to the colours we are permitted to wear, and no patterns are allowed.

Now, I have always been pretty lucky with my previous workplace’s – I could always wear whatever I chose as long as I looked nice. But now that I am feeling restricted I am getting lazy and boring with my daily outfits. This does not make for a happy Elizabeth.

So I decided to find a bit of sartorial inspiration from the fashion world to remind myself that smart office-wear needn’t be frumpy and boring. Chic and sophisticated is the look we are aspiring to.

chic sophisticated autumn workwear

  1. Reiss – Shift Dress  – £189
  2. Joy-  Blue Blouse – £32
  3. Laura Ashley – Navy Skirt – £70
  4. River Island – Tote Bag – £45
  5. Next – Wool Tweed Jacket – £80

 What do you wear to the office?