Five Pretty Things: Studded Fashion

five pretty things studded


  1. Topshop – Sister Jane Studded Dress – £75
  2. New Look – Studded Leather Jacket – £69.99
  3. Miss Selfridge – Studded Slipper – £25
  4. Dorothy Perkins – Studded Tights – £8.50
  5. Oasis – Studded Shopper Bag – £60

I am seriously enjoying studded fashion at the moment. It started off with the studded shirt from Missguided that I featured on my first Five Pretty Things, and now everywhere I look I keep being drawn back to all things studded. From a distance the studs looks almost sparkly and festive (I know, its still August and I’m not allowed to mention the ‘C’ word yet) but up close they have a kind of harshness that I think it is a perfect antithesis for a girl who wears a lot of girly dresses. Even a simple introduction of the studded tights to my wardrobe would offer a welcome alternative to my standard black opaques.

Sheesh… I’m really in the mood for a massive wardrobe overhaul.


P.S. thank you so much for all the kind words and support about the last post. It really does help to know I have the positive thoughts of so many lovely people.


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