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Did you hear the news that Google Reader is being closed down on July 1st? If you use Google Reader to follow this blog you might want to switch over to Bloglovin’. I have been using it for a while now and I think it’s a fab service and very user-friendly (I wrote about the service last year). There’s even an option to transfer all of the blogs that you follow on Google Reader over to Bloglovin’. Awesome. They are really helpful if you need any advice. They’ve responded to my emails quickly in the past and they are rather active on twitter too. Let’s get bloglovin’!


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  1. Isn’t that so annoying? I literally have not heard from one person who didn’t care. Everyone is seems really annoyed by it. I just transferred to feebly to give it a try. Seems ok. Might also try bloglovin 🙂

  2. It’s just WRONG. I know all the reasons, and it’s life, but GAH. I admit I have probably got slightly overboard having spent several days so far researching and trying out alternatives. But my CPD (continuing professional development), most of my marketing, a lot of my networking – and just fun stuff – goes through my RSS feeds so I thought I’d look at my workflow again while I was on the subject.

    So far it’s a toss up between Netvibes and NewsBlur (need a text based reader as I speed read).

    Elizabeth, how you you manage your workflow with the magazine format of Bloglovin’? I can never get through the content fast enough.

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