Found Vintage Clothes

I do love vintage clothes.  I really do. I am somewhat partial to the occasional polyester 70s/80s secretary dress and I have a soft spot for shoulder pads. But generally I do not thrift my vintage fashion, instead I rely on small vintage fashion shops to do the hard work for me. This leaves me time to indulge in my passion for vintage homewares. Rummaging rails is not half as fun as rummaging tables and boxes, in my mind. However, maybe times are changing. Check out these amazing vintage clothes I found on my recent thrifting trips.

black lambswool cardiganpink granny cardiganblue 70s disco dressspotty orange blouseIt is a shame the detail on the black lambswool cardigan does not show so well in the photograph as it is really lovely. As for the white and cream dress, wow! The skirt fabric is so swooshy. Alas, it is a little too big for me. And the orange polka dot blouse is amazing. I love it, the boyf hates it. You can’t win ’em all, eh?!

Do you find it easy to find vintage clothes on your thrifting jaunts?

I’d love to hear of your successful finds.