Frank’s Bar, Peckham, London

franks bar
This weekend I had the pleasure of joining my friends for the awesome experience that is Franks Bar, part of the Bold Tendencies Sculpture Project in Peckham. Situated on the roof of a multi-storey car park this bar hosts fantastic views across London, taking in the major sites such as Westminster, the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Gherkin, the BT Tower, and Canary Wharf.
franks bar car park
The entrance is an unassuming concrete car park with the first few floors still in use. We walked up slope upon slope until we came across random sculptures placed at various points in the car park.
franks bar giant whoopie cushion
There were fluorescent lighting sculptures, wire, industrial materials and something reminiscent of a giant whoopie cushion.
franks bar me and poster bloke
As we climbed higher we were confronted with more interesting works of art until we came to the roof of the car park to be greeted by an enormous picture of a half-naked model in his undies: it had all the girls in giggles.
The balmy summer evening stretched ahead of us as we sampled delicious cocktails and enjoyed the wondrous view across London. The crowd was hip and interesting and the atmosphere quietly buzzing. It felt like we were part of a secret, not wanting too many people to find this gem of a bar or else spoil the gentle ambiance and privilege of this special place.
franks bar me and raj
But I think special places should be shared and so here I want to tell you about this fantastic pop-up bar that will only be open until September. Enjoy it while you can!
For more information visit the website.


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