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I married an accountant. Lucky ol’ me! Well, it means that I generally get a little lax when it comes to my business accounting as Raj handles it all – married benefits and all. But overall, since being with Raj I have actually picked up a thing or two about finances and accounting.

Raj does accounting and business consulting for creative business owners, freelancers, and bloggers and set up his business KonaSeven specifically to help us creative lot out! It came after I was dragging him to blogger events and him ending up giving anecdotal advice several times to eager blogger friends. Sure enough, after a time there seemed to be a pattern to the questions and queries heading his way. So he set up KonaSeven to fulfil that need.

Now, this wasn’t actually meant to read like a sales pitch for my husbands business, ha! I wanted to share with you the handy blogger finance spreadsheet that Raj created as a freebie to help us all out.

Raj spends all of his days on Excel so a few formulas here or there are kind of his thing. However, he created this spreadsheet to be used to simply track all of your income and expenses whilst the formulas automatically calculate totals for you. It’s an efficient way for you to track your blogger finances.

If you have yet to start tracking all of your income and expenses for everything to do with your blog, YouTube channel and other social media channels, now is the time to start. Better late than never!

The aim is to make it clear and simple to track everything going in and out of the accounts. As well as logging any extras such as gifts-in-kind.

To get your free spreadsheet simple click the download link below and save it to your hard drive.

Blogger Finance Spreadsheet



Now you just to need make sure you add your income and expenses as you go through the financial year.

NOTE: Be sure to read the first few pages of the document so that you understand what the spreadsheet means and how it works. Try not to delete the formulas.

This spreadsheet is designed to help you make sense of your finances. We do still recommend speaking to a professional when it comes to tax return time. Visit Raj at for further details on how he can help you make sense of your finance, business and accounting needs. He’s a friendly fella, and all queries are totally confidential.

Here’s a snapshot of the blogger finance spreadsheet. It’s designed to take you through the financial year starting in April. But if you’re behind, or starting later than that please do keep using it. It will help you so much when it comes to self-assessment or tax return time.

Simple Blogger Finance Spreadsheet


Hope you find this blogger finance spreadsheet useful, and feel free to share with any of your blogger friends who might also like it. We are more than happy for you to share this free download, as long it helps you all we’ll be happy.


P.S. Raj does accounting and business advice for creative businesses, freelancers and bloggers if you want extra help.


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Blogger Finance Spreadsheet