Friday Faves: 24th June

It’s Friday! That means it time to celebrate our favourite things of late. It’s been a little while since my last favourites round-up so without further ado let’s take a look at the things I have picked up lately that I am l-o-v-i-n-g.


Three Sixty Coffee

I am a ridiculously huge fan of coffee these days. It’s almost silly given that I never touched the stuff until two years ago. I try not drink it toooooooo often as, you know, caffeine highs, but I do appreciate the black stuff. This brand called Three Sixty sent me a sample of this organic Peruvian coffee blend which is thoroughly enjoyable as a lazy brunch drink in large cafetiere as you catch up on all the latest YouTube videos.


Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow

I have been eyeing up these Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sticks for ages and accidentally-on-purpose bought one on a whim the other day. I picked the mauve colour as I’ve heard that purple tones are great for green eyes. Is that true? Who knows?! But so far I’m loving that I can whack on some fancy eye makeup in 10 seconds.


Duke of Delhi chocolate

I discovered this artisan chocolate called Duke of Delhi a few years ago at a pop-up shop in Birmingham. We got chatting to the owner of the company who came up with the concept of mixing chocolate with bombay mix. The result is a range of unusual and surprisingly tasty premium chocolate bars. I love the lime flavour and this one, the coconut and dark chocolate edition. It’s a higher end chocolate bar and only available in Selfridges or Fortnums and Mason. Well worth the treat!


Nail Kit

This Leighton Denny essential manicure kit is dream to use. This four piece kit helps you create soft, smooth nails which look great naked or as a nice base for your nail varnish of choice. I spent some time watching my favourite YouTube videos as I worked through the four stage process then allowed my the creams to soak in. The result is instant and I’m so pleased with how they feel. The kit includes a softening hand and nail balm, a nail repair cream, crystal nail file and buffer stick.


Wanderlust Jumper

This jumper just has my name all over it really. My mind is in a constant state of wanderlust. That’s all there is to it. I like jumpers, I like wanderlust. Yep. Jumper available here.

Avene Eau Thermale Face Spritz

Avene Eau Thermal

Last year my skin became super dehydrated all of a sudden and nothing I put on it would stop the dryness. So I did what I knew best and consulted Twitter! Somebody recommended Avene, a brand I had not heard of before that and after some research picked up one of their moisturisers. I’ve since become a HUGE fan of the brand. It’s gentle, moisturising and nourishing. I bought the face spritz last summer and I use it all the time. They sent me the latest version with new packaging and spray is supercharged. I used it to top up my face if it’s drying out over the course of the day. I use it to freshen up before applying base in the evenings. I also use it on those very rare occasions that we get a heatwave and I need cooling down. It’s become a surprising yet welcome staple in my skincare stash.

with Alice Audley

Next Dress

I wore this Next dress to the Blogosphere launch party (more on that below) and it made me feel so pretty and feminine. If I’m totally honest I’m not sure if this colour really suits me. I probably need a bit of a tan and much stronger eye makeup than I wore at the party. But still, it was a fun dress to wear and definitely making me feel summery.

Blogosphere video

This week the video from the Blogosphere party was released and I make a few appearances in it including a moment where I’m having a little dance. Ha! I guess it was only a matter of time before my dorky dancing made it onto the internet.

Hope you have had a great week!




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