Friday Favourites: 8th April

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This week for my Friday Faves I want to do something a little different.

I want to share some of my favourite things that have inspired or moved me over the past week. I’ve been in a place of heightened¬†inspired-ness and you may have noticed quite a lot of content being produced around these parts this past week. Yep, that’s 5 blog posts and 3 videos in just 5 days. Whoop!

I am totally feeling the love for this internet space right now.

I hope you do too!

Anyhow, let’s get straight to it … it’s Friday, we’re busy people and we have an internet of things to fill our brains with.

1. Old Photos and The Bodies We Once Inhabited – this post from Poppy is pretty much where my head was at recently when working my way through fixing the featured images on old posts here on Rosalilium. I’ve been left wondering why my waist isn’t so easily as small as it was here and here.

2. Five Things Women Do Not Need In Order To Be Happy – Kate nails it with this post about getting real about the things we ‘think’ we need to be happy, but actually we kinda don’t.

3. 11 year-old lands multi-million dollar deal and saves the bees – erm… this little girls is the bees knees (sorry! I couldn’t resist)

4. Super-rich kids on Instagram are an easy target for fraudsters and tax investigators – this is actually kinda funny. Oh dear. Think before sharing on social media!

5. Photographer reveals how he photoshops his travel photos – doesn’t make me feel so bad about my holiday snaps now!

6. I Traveled to 40 Countries While My Kids Were in Diapers – I’ve long been a fan of Christine’s blog Almost Fearless, and this essay in Elle perfectly sums up the past few years of their adventures.

7. Burnout – this post by Laura perfectly captures in a raw and revealing way how burnout seeps through all parts of our lives and how to face it head on and make the brave choices rooted in self-care.

What have you read this week that inspired you? Do share your links in the comments below!





  1. 8 April 2016 / 9:55 am

    Well. That makes me feel better about my holiday pictures too.

    I’ve been loving the ‘wonderful Wednesday’ posts I’ve found through Michelle at Life Outside London.

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