Frolicking in Bluebells: Weekend in Henley-on-Thames

Frolicking in bluebells

The weekend before last we enjoyed a bit of downtime staying with my Auntie in Henley-on-Thames and enjoying the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

As I’m not very good at remembering to film every day for a weekly vlog (see here) I decided to try a weekend vlog, and even then I did forget whole chunks of the weekend. Oooops! But you get the general gist of it. It was full of fun, laughter and two of the cutest dogs.


Watch on YouTube here or in the post below:

I’m so grateful we got to find all these woods full of bluebells. It was utterly stunning and reminder of just how lucky we are to have so much beauty on our doorstep in the UK (I wrote about Why Do We Ignore Travel Opportunities On Our Doorsteps? on Awesome Wave highlighting this exact thing).

The Oxfordshire countryside is just an hour and a half from Birmingham, where we live, that’s really not that far at all. And it was beautifully idyllic to spend a Sunday afternoon pottering through tiny picturesque villages and supping up the scenery.

Oh, and we found a local winery and brewery! I might have treated myself to a bottle of their damson vodka as a tasty addition to our cocktail trolley.

All in all it was a lovely weekend and we cannot wait to go back to Henley-on-Thames for another visit.


  1. Great Vlog.I love that you have added it to music.The dogs are so cute and its good that you could take them with you shopping etc.

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