The Gadget Show Live

Fire Dancers

We went along to The Gadget Show Live the other day, and it was awesome. Surprisingly so, actually. Let me tell you all about it.

Inside The Gadget Show Live

I have actually vlogged the day so if you want to grab a two minute viewing break check out the video here

I didn’t really have much in the way of expectations for the day. I was invited along by Currys PC World as a VIP and I just imagined it to a hall full of geeky gadgets. Which it kind of is. But in an actually awesome kind of way.

The Gadget Show Live takes place at the NEC in Birmingham and fills an enormous hall which is divided into zones. And in these zones there are LOADS of exhibitors featuring a range of gadget-y technology type stuff. Including things like the latest fitness wearable technology,  home cinema projectors,  eco-cars, electric bicycles, huge televisions, the latest games consoles, sleep technology, phone chargers, hardcore photography equipment and so much more. It was nuts, yet fascinating. And also nicely spread out.

There are loads of interactive parts to the exhibition too, including a laser combat style game, all the games consoles allowed players to get involved, e-bikes track, driving area, a toy area for the kids and some smaller talks for specialist topics.

Did I mention there really is something for everyone there?

Playing with fire

The best bit though was the live show with the presenters from The Gadget Show. I had no idea what to expect. I thought it would just be a chat through some gadgets, or maybe a panel show.

Oh no, I was totally wrong. There was fire, dancers, games, competitions, audience participation, musicians, and a big celebration of the past 10 years of The Gadget Show. It was really entertaining. I had so much fun.

Gadget Show Live PerformancePerry for Pendulum
Winning Stuffwith the boyf

The arena had a packed out audience but we got some front row seats, wahoo!

Boyf with Rachel Rileyme with Jason Bradbury

After the show we were fortunate to have a little meet and greet with all four of The Gadget Show presenters, Jason, Jon, Ortis and Rachel. They were all brilliant and took time to chat to each and everyone of us. It was so much fun.

So yeah, I think I’d totally go again. I had a great day out, and I don’t think we even made it around everything there. So maybe next time we need to get there at the actual opening time and whizz round a bit more.

The Gadget Show Live is still on at the NEC until Sunday. And then I’m sure they’ll be back again next year if you’re interested.

P.S. Don’t forget to watch my video from The Gadget Show Live.