Getting the best from WordPress: My Fave Plugins

I have harped on many-a-time about how much I love WordPress. This platform is a joy to work on and I recommend every Blogger gets themselves a self-hosted WordPress one pronto! I have already written about How I Moved my Blog from Blogger to WordPress and I mentioned some fave plugins in the past. But I found this super-awesome-rad WordPress Plugins Periodic Table recently and it reminded just why I love WordPress so much – it is so darn versatile and you really can make what you want from it.

I am still learning and searching and trying out new Plugins all the time. But here are my top WordPress Plugins:

  • Akismet – this plugin will capture almost ALL of the unnecessary spam that tries to sneak onto your site. It is an incredibly powerful and effective plugin and should be the first plugin you install on your website.
  • Comment Luv – a great little plugin that allows your readers to link their most recent blog post their comment. Great for generating discussion and sharing the blog love.
  • Google XML Sitemap –  a great tool that maps your whole set and lets Google know what pages you have. Great for SEO.
  • Openhook – perfect for editing your site, especially if you are a Thesis-theme user.
  • Print-friendly PDF – this plugin adds a button for your readers to use to create a PDF version of your post. This is particularly useful if you share recipes and they need to print them out to follow.
  • Q and A FAQ and Knowledge Base for WordPress – a great way to create smart FAQ’s with some nifty little features.
  • Shareaholic – a one-stop shop for social media sharing buttons making it easier for your readers to spread your awesome content.
  • Smart Youtube PRO – this plugin makes it super easy to insert videos into a post.
  • Editorial Calendar – this is a dream of a plugin. It creates a new section in the Posts section of your dashboard so you can see a calendar version of your posts. You can drag and drop drafts into place. It makes editorial planning so much easier.
  • WP Super Cache – an absolute essential, this plugin will help your website run super-fast.

What are YOUR favourite WordPress Plugins?


Other WordPress questions I am frequently asked about:

I use Thesis Theme – the 1.85 version.

I use 123-Reg for buying my domains.

I use Dreamhost for hosting my sites.


Image credit: Plugintable

Thanks to Sillygrrl for recommending it.

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  1. Great Post babe! Definitely checking some out. I would say you’re missing:

    – WordPress SEO by Yoast,
    – EWWW Image Optimizer
    – Jetpack
    – read more right here (loads any content that’s “after the jump” in the same window)
    – redirection (if you ever change any url of any posts or pages this will store the old url and redirect automatically)
    – tweetily

  2. Great post, really helpful as I am making changes to my site as we speak! Thanks for letting us know and the wp super cache plugin is a must! Thanks

  3. Check out Redirection and Widget Logic. Both are available in the WordPress plugins directory.

    Widget Logic lets you assign widgets to certain pages and posts. Redirection logs broken links which can be easily corrected with 301 redirects.

  4. i don’t have any favorite wordpress plugins because i’m still with blogger. i’ve considered switching a few times, but i have so much fun editing my blog’s design that i’m not sure i want to make the move, at least not yet. xD maybe sometime in the future. 🙂 btw, i nominated you for a liebster award. info on my blog. 🙂

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