Giving Up Beef

So my new boyfriend is Hindu, and as you may be aware cows are sacred to Hindu’s. Therefore, I have decided to give up beef as a mark of respect to him.
Cow at Ayutthaya
At the time  I figured it was not such a big deal; I could not recall eating beef that much anyway. Besides, there are a lot tastier meats out there. But since I got back to England from my Southeast Asian jaunt it has slowly dawned on me how much I do like beef in certain dishes. No more Chilli Con Carne, Crispy Chill Beef or Spaghetti Bolognaise. No more juicy steak and no more Roast Beef for Sunday Lunch. In fact, I had not realised how often my family actually ate beef. So this topic has been a slight bone of contention. Cue awkward fussiness at meal times (not new territory for me at the best of times, but that is another story).

However, in return he has given up cheese for me (yes, I know, most people think I am crazy for not liking the stinky stuff) and I see this as symbolic of a good relationship where compromise and respect are key. And neither of us actually asked the other to forsake beef or cheese, but we each chose to do so for the sake of each other.

So now I look forward to getting creative in the kitchen with the elimination of cow products. My first mission will be to find an adequate substitute for my Slow-Cooked Chilli – turkey or pork mince? Roast Lamb for Sunday Lunch and Crispy Chilli Chicken from the Chinese. I don’t think I will miss Beef that much anyway…

I have a new boyfriend to impress with my culinary skills so I will post my new non-beef recipes in the near future, watch this space!

  1. izzie my dear, I'm so excited to read these great recipes. i myself have stopped eating wheat, dairy, and very rarely eat either red or white meat, my body just doesn't like it. have a look on the internet there are great vegan and vego web pages full of alternative ways to cook classic dishes so I'm sure there would be the same with meat substitutions. but the best thing for me was finding dishes that are normally made without my intolerance like Asian cooking – yummy. i bet you will make very yummy food. nikki

  2. I have cut down a lot on wheat already and I don't particularly like dairy anyway which makes Asian food perfect – Pad Thai anyone?!

    I am looking forward to getting creative with my cooking and attempting to impress my new man.

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