Greetings and Happy Wednesday

First of all, hello to all my new followers…I am guessing Thrifty sent you? For my regular readers who haven’t spotted it yet, I was interviewed by the lovely Thrifty Mrs for her blogger spotlight. It was a massive honour to be picked and I am still slightly coy about it all. I have never been interviewed before! I was so nervous about what to say – what if I come across as a complete goon? It is silly really because I put myself out there a lot in my blog, and I am very honest about who I am and where I come from – but here, on Rosalilium, it is my little space with a few followers who I am getting to know well and enjoy conversing with. Putting me out there on someone else’s blog feels totally surreal. But so far the response has been great and I have really enjoyed working with A Thirfty Mrs – we have been enjoying some twitter banter for months now and I read her blog on a daily basis so it was perfectly natural to open up to her. Pop along and have a gander if you fancy finding out what I want to be when I grow up and what songs I am listening to right now.
So if you are new to Rosalilium do say hello – it would be lovely to meet you.
Today has been devoid of anything creative as I work away on a really important job application. It’s one of those jobs that you think, yeah that would be great! But of course the pressure makes it even harder to concentrate on writing a kick-ass personal statement.
However, I did find the time to rustle up my trusty Sausage Pasta recipe. Mmmm…. And I ate crisp sandwich for lunch….mmmmm…. I’m not the only one who still puts crisps in their sandwich right?
And finally, I will leave you with my favourite dress at the moment – the Wedding Cake dress by Red Velvet. It is classy, demure and then sexy open back. Their dresses are limited edition so get in there quick if you want to buy. I will, sadly, be admiring from the sidelines.
(Photos: Red Velvet Shop)


  1. Hello, I am one of the visitors from Thrifty and very pleased to meet you. Those Red Velvet dresses are so so pretty, although I recall Elsie tweeting yesterday that every single one has gone 🙁 xx

  2. Crisps in sandwiches is something you're definitely not alone in. Love 'em! Yes I'm here from Thrifty. I've been admiring both your blogs. So pretty!

  3. Hello Mother of Purl and VR, thanks for joining me and extra thanks to Thrifty for pointing you in my direction.
    Hope you enjoy your visit.

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