Guest Post: An Outfit from Kat

Elizabeth: “I moved house last weekend and will be probably be without internet for a bit. So whilst I am knee-deep in cardboard boxes and frantically searching for the box containing the kettle I have some very lovely Guest Bloggers looking after Rosalilium. Please make them feel at home and share the love. See you on the flipside!”


Today we are joined by Kathryn from Kat Got The Cream

If in doubt: florals and stripes.

At six months’ pregnant, my dressing options are becoming increasingly limited. When I open my wardrobe, it’s not such a flight of fancy so much as ‘what fits, what’s comfy?’.

Luckily I’ve always loved shift dresses and tunics; the sort of thing you can just throw on over tights or leggings and these have become my mainstay while pregnant. That and a million and one cardigans. I don’t need capes – I am Cardigan Woman! florals and stripesBut I also love colour and I’m finding, on days when I feel a bit tired and frumpy, a bright outfit such as this really lifts my spirits. And I’m all for the clashing too. So, if in doubt, I’ll always opt for the old florals and stripes combo. These are my favourite patterns so again, thankfully, I’ve still got plenty of choice in this department. Throw on some old, granny beads and a pair of ballet flats and I’m good to go. floral and stripes

floral stripes and colourfloral and stripes baby bumpOufit: Dress: thrifted; cardigan: Primark; leggings: White Stuff; beads: thrifted; shoes: M&S.

What’s your fall back, go-to outfit?