Guest Post: Tips for Low-Fund Foraging by Carrie

Elizabeth: “I moved house last weekend and will be probably be without internet for a bit. So whilst I am knee-deep in cardboard boxes and frantically searching for the box containing the kettle I have some very lovely Guest Bloggers looking after Rosalilium. Please make them feel at home and share the love. See you on the flipside!”


We work a lot here at DIGITAL bungalow. We run a number of busy little sites as well as taking on allsorts of little photography and editorial projects here and there.  But, when we’re not tied to our Macs, we do like a little bit of treasure-troving.

retro telephone

kitsch deerOur 1964 Modernist home is full of lovely little trinkets and tit bits from our bountiful benevolence bargain hunting. I couldn’t really tell you want it was about the things we find that tickle our fancy. Sometimes it’s a vibrant hue; sometimes it’s a smooth, wooden curve or a sharp metallic edge that grabs our attention. Whatever it is, you can almost guarantee that we’ve paid less than a tenner for it!

sewing or craft box

fondue setSo, what are our top 3 tips for fantastic low-fund foraging?

1)     Do the rounds

Now, we really can’t tell you how this comes about, but some charity shops are just, well, better than others. Whether it’s the demographics of the particular catchment area, or the way the staff sort the donations … some are constant sources of marvelous goodies whereas others are basically full of tat. Our advice is to get a regular routine, decide on your favourites and visit regularly.

2)     Think about it

Before you part with your hard-earned cash on a cannot-live-without-must-have item … take stock. If you buy every single beautiful thing you ever see, from whatever era they happen to come from, you’ll end up with a jam-packed full-up mish-mash of a home that you have to squeeze around due to the lack of space, hoarder-style. Instead, think about what you need, what you want to achieve, and be patient. The perfect thing will be out there somewhere!

3)     Take a buddy

I think I have excellent taste. I’m sure you do too. I imagine we all do. However, sometimes, in the heat of the moment maybe … just maybe … we lose our head a little. By taking a wingman on your chazzer extravaganzas, not only will you have a pal to chat to, but they’ll be there to gently dissuade you from buying that pink porcelain poodle you thought you really needed. Because, if not …

pink porcelain poodle

  1. So in love with the Babycham deer, less so the poodle 😉 Great tips especially about getting a feel for which are the right charity shops. I find Age UK is always a great one as they seem to get lots of house clearances in. We have 16 charity shops in my town and unfortunately most of them are just full of tat – old soap sets and pound shop cast offs Only about 4 usually have great finds.

    Sam x

  2. Hahaha, that is a very pink poodle!

    Excellent tips Carrie. I have a list of about ten things I very much want/need, and am only allowed to stray from it if something is very special!

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