Guest Post: What’s In My Handbag? By Lisa

Elizabeth: “I moved house last weekend and will be probably be without internet for a bit. So whilst I am knee-deep in cardboard boxes and frantically searching for the box containing the kettle I have some very lovely Guest Bloggers looking after Rosalilium. Please make them feel at home and share the love. See you on the flipside!”


Hello, Rosalilium readers! I hope you are all having a perfectly fine day and are suitably prepared with a cuppa and a biscuit! I am Lisa from the lifestyle blog, Mathilde heart Manech, and I’m happy to be on new turf for the day while Elizabeth is moving to her new nest.

Without further a do I thought I’d show you a sneak peek into my world, and what better way than with an ‘In My Bag’ post. If you’re nosey (like me) then you might (I hope) like to read on. Cue the photographs!

in the bagThis tan leather satchel goes with me everywhere. Perfect for Spring/Summer, it’s big enough for all my goodies and looks pretty to boot! It was an eBay bargain, three years ago, at only £6 -not sure I’d have the same luck nowadays. Damn you, fellow satchel lovers.

in the bagI like to travel light (less is most definitely more!) as you never know what you might find upon your travels. It also helps if you have a spare tote in your bag too!

in the bag1. My ‘Thrifty’ notebook, full of coveted bits and bobs that I will hopefully stumble across in charity shops/markets/car boots.

2. Old faithful brick phone. It calls, it texts and it includes the Snake Game. What more could a gal ask for?

3. Gifted compact mirror. To check myself out.

4. Key & keyrings. Including a Cath Kidston key fob and an I heart NY keyring – because I do.

5. Tic Tacs. Every bag should contain a packet. Who doesn’t want to taste tangy?

in the bag

6. Gifted wallet. A cheeky Cath Kidston look-a-likey.

7. Benefit Pocket pal for my lips and cheeks. The only makeup in my bag!

8. A dainty comb. To tame the beast that is my hair.

9. Darling Clementine notebook (recently gifted) for bright ideas!

10. iPod Touch, to soundtrack my days on our pretty planet.

11. Flowery Paperchase pen = Joy!

And there we have it! A day in the life of my tan leather satchel. If you want to hear more of my rambles please do head over to my wee blog or catch me on Twitter. Until then, toodle pip!